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Holster induced sciatica (hip pain)?

This is a discussion on Holster induced sciatica (hip pain)? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Sticks What EvilMonk said. During the last 3 months when I had my issues, I could lightly press on the muscle within ...

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Thread: Holster induced sciatica (hip pain)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sticks View Post
    What EvilMonk said. During the last 3 months when I had my issues, I could lightly press on the muscle within 3" of my L5/S1 on the left side and it would nearly put me on the floor.

    Hopefully your Dr. has good experience doing these, and you will be good to go real quick. Take lots of walks afterward (that was my only PT recommendations after surgery).
    Thank you Sticks and EvilMonk for the explanation.

    Sticks, yes, I can do that too. :(

    I was actually feeling much better for a few days but the last 2 weeks have been bad. I don't want to take pain meds, but the other day I just couldn't take it (the pain) anymore... sux. I'm walking, I'm stretching, I'm doing everything the Dr's told me, and it doesn't seem to be helping. I just signed up at the local pool center, maybe that'll help. I have a friend with two hiernated discs and he's been able to avoid surgery through a regular swimming schedule.
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    This is a picture of my 2nd MRI (2 years (?) from date of injury). It is slightly worse than the first MRI which could be attributed to angles. As my Neurosurgeon stated, "No amount of Epidural Steroid Injections and PT is going to change the fact that the disc is pressing on the nerve, and once they get deformed, they don't go back."

    What I learned from this is any time there is joint damage, get a good picture and 2nd opinion. I could have avoided nearly 3 years of pain and wasted time in PT/ESI recovery if I had pushed the workers comp a little harder to fix not treat.

    My advice to anyone suffering from this kind of pain, get pictures and a consult.

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    When I first received my CCW permit, I went with a IWB holster (brand name is not important). For me, it caused to much discomfort due to sitting and driving and the personal desire to wear my pants and belt tight (the way they should be worn).

    I then switched to an OWB belt holster and my problems went away. This is due to the fat that the holster and firearm are not right up against my body and can "flex and move" slightly as I move and sit. I found that I wear my shirts untucked, or wear a vest or jacket to cover up my firearm anyways... so comfort was more important than concealment (for me that is).

    I was getting a dumbness and tingling in my hip and leg (no back pain) from the IWB holster... but then again, I guess that is why there are 1,000 of holster options out there to choose from... becuase what works for one or two people does not work for someone else!!!

    The bottom line is, is that there is no right or wrong answer and everyone is different. LEO's have a tough time due to the weight they carry on their duty belt and are advised not to carry anything right in the "small of their back" so as not to place pressure on their spine when sitting or if they fall down (which could rupture a disk very easily by landing on their cuff case or something hard). This is why some departments now have their officers (if they do carry them) place their rubber gloves pouch back there as it will be out of the way and soft if they do fall on it (but the case and snap on it can and still does hurt after an 8 hour shift).
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    Try the new Perry Shoulder Holster, it is basically a pair of their suspenders with a holster attached. You put it on and you don't think about it again until you need it.

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    Have to have good belt for support, it transfers the weight around you instead of one side, also be sure gun is just behind bone not on it. Double loop helps alot those single loop or clip ons do not distribute the weight enough on full size weapons. Hope you feel better

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    I've had sciatica for ten years.

    For 16 years I worked in Homicide where is was a Crime Scene Unit Investigator and wore a shoulder holster with a Sig Sauer P220. I was also a Family Violence Investigator and wore a S&W 40 call in a paddle holster.

    After leaaving Homicide, I returned to patrol at the large airport in Houston. The HPD still wears heavier leather gun belts and accessories. I never wore the gun belt in my personal car and one day swung it around to as I was walking into the building. The right sight nerve went...have had the pain since. It comes and goes...mornings are worse.

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    The OP was January 2011. He's either much better or worse by now.

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    Absolutely. I dont like IWB carry for that, and other reasons.

    The first IWB holster I got was a quality holster, good maker, etc, but was simply painful. I went with a glaco summer comfort after that. And it was lots better, and I still hate IWB carry.

    I do really like paddle holsters. They dont hurt my back/spine, I dont have to worry about wearing pants that are too big so that I can force a holster in the waistband, then having to pull out my shirt to get at a weapon in a hurry, etc.

    Of course with Outside the WB carry, you need a covering, but its easier than it sounds. For casual wear, in the summer, an open shirt over your inner layers, and you are good.

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