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Crossbreed Snapslide

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Thread: Crossbreed Snapslide

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    Crossbreed Snapslide

    I am looking for a holster for my M&P 9c that I can wear when I am better dressed. Meaning pants that fit, instead of pants that are a little larger to accommodate that extra inch of pistol.

    I have a Fobus Paddle, as well as a BlackHawk Serpa holster. Both these holsters still stick the pistol out a inch or more away from my body, making the pistol difficult to conceal. It looks like the snapslide from Crossbreed might be the best of both worlds? But I would like to hear from those of you who have used the snapslide. Does it have a tendency to sag away from the body?

    Also, if any of you have found an OWB holster that does a great job of closely fitting the pistol to the body, I would like to hear from you too. Pictures will be an added bonus, and much appreciated.
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    My wife carries an XD 9mm sc in one. She is small framed and hides it well with a cover garment. She carries it on a Wilderness Frequent Flyer belt with the stiffener. No sag at all.

    I have a leather beltslide from Tagua, but the Crossbreed is thinner leather and holds tighter to the body. I'm considering buying one for my G19. It really is a great holster.
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    The snap on pancake from TT Gunleather is the best I have found. I have no trouble concealing an FNP-9 under a T-shirt.
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    I have two "pancake" style OWB's, a Galco Concealment and a High Noon Skin Guard. Both hold my FNP-40 which is not small by any means pretty close to my body. I have several other paddle holsters for the range but they do stick out too far for concealed carry. I would like to try a custom made holster but I do not have the patience to wait.
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    The Snapslide is quite good, but I found that the Glock Sport combat holds just a hair tighter to the body. The snapslide is a very nice rig and works quite well around 4:00 on the waist.

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    I actually didnt like the Crossbreed slide holster even though I LOVE my crossbreed tucks. I have a Desantis mini-slide which is real nice. Holds my G19 in nice and tight. It's got a solid grip on the pistol but is NOT a true retention holster...
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    I got a snap slide on the way for my G-36. I have a super tuck deluxe that does a great job with my dress shirts tucked in. The snapslide will be more of a casual dress holster. I can hardly wait to get it....I love the Crossbreed Holsters.
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    The Snap Slide is my favorite holster (for my XD9SC) and my preferred EDC, except when I have to wear something tuckable. I wear it with a Crossbreed leather gun belt. With a loose shirt you can't see a thing.

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