Carry Method

Carry Method

This is a discussion on Carry Method within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hello I prefer OWB carry when ever possible. But I would like to hear about your preference, IWB or OWB? Thanks...

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Thread: Carry Method

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    Carry Method


    I prefer OWB carry when ever possible.
    But I would like to hear about your preference, IWB or OWB?

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    Honestly....I carry OWB strong side pancake by a local custom maker...the vast majority of the time. I am quite confortable carrying there as I carried there for over 22 years as a cop. Occaisionally I carry IWB in the same spot (4 O'Clock) in a holster from the same guy. I am a big believer in your primary gun being in the same spot every time.

    It will boil down to preference for you. If you choose to carry IWB, you have to purchase trousers a size larger than normal. Trust me on will increase your comfort factor tremendously. Buying britches a little large will also assist in keeping concealed as they don't choke your waist and have a more natural fit around the front.

    Once you get used to carrying IWB, you won't feel uncomfortable...I got used to it after a couple of hours when I first tried IWB carry. I "felt" the gun the whole first couple of hours. Now, I can put on an IWB shuck and not even notice it. I have carried a gun so long, I never notice I am carrying....I notice if I am NOT carrying for some stupid reason.

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    Not much to add. OWB three o'clock, pretty much always carried there. I don't care for IWB as I don't like sizing my pants to weapon carry.
    I also notice when I am not carrying, its like not wearing pants.
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    OWB for me too. I tried IWB & liked it fine in my CBST but my pants started to shrink for one reason or another. I accused the wife of shrinking them in the washer / dryer. She took credit for feeding me too many good meals.

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    I carry, 90% of the time, IWB.

    It's mostly due to the fact that I'm short; therefore it's hard to find a shirt long enough to cover.

    I'm quite comfortable carrying IWB, but I have started experimenting with OWB in cooler weather. But for my stature, IWB works best. YMMV
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    I carry in a ST Deluxe almost 100% of the time.

    "Golf", "t" , "beach" shirts and shorts are the common look around here; AND it's typically too HOT & Humid in SC to wear a jacket or vest. However, if we can get OC passed this year in SC, I'll most likely go to a OWB type holster.

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    Insidie the pants or in my pocket....when off duty.....
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    I prefer OWB, to answer what the poll asked. I sometimes use IWB, to accommodate a specific cover garment. On rare occasions, I will use a shoulder rig, for comfort or better access in a specific environment. OWB or IWB also depends on the weapon itself. Slimmer and longer works better for me IWB than shorter and fatter. A 5" 1911 works better for me IWB than a SIG P229, and even a Colt Commander will jab me a bit in a certain spot, whereas a Government Model bridges over that spot and lays comfortably flat. Within reason, a longer-barreled revolver is more comfortable than a snubby built on the same frame.

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    OWB always.
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    IWB @ 9:00, today I'll also have a BUG at right ankle.

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    Ypsi, MI
    IWB for me, mainly a Don Hume Clip On. Easier to take on and off when entering PFZ buildings, like I do for work.

    But today, I'm doing the OWB thing. Glock 22 in a DeSantis Mini Slide w/thumb break.
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    OWB. Don't want to buy pants too big just to accommodate a holster. Don't like holsters inside the pants where they can pinch when I sit down. Don't like the gap in the belt line they create. I prefer OWB because my pants fit the way they were intended. My holster doesn't pinch me.
    I buy t-shirts on the large side so they cover pretty good.
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    OWB 99% of the time. I carried IWB initially, but OWB to me is so much more comfortable. I just wear my shirts untucked.

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    IWB 75% of the time, and OWB 25% of the time.
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    I voted IWB but I will from time to time use my Deep Concealment shoulder rig, mainly when I don't want to deal with trying to tuck my shirt in around the Crossbreed. It is very possible, but a hassle at times.

    One day I want to travel somewhere I can OC, just to do it and say I've done it and I don't TX is going to have it any time soon.
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