Smith & Wesson 340 Pocket Carry

Smith & Wesson 340 Pocket Carry

This is a discussion on Smith & Wesson 340 Pocket Carry within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; This gun is small and light, but I'm having trouble finding options for pocket carry with a holster. Someone at the range actually mentioned just ...

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Thread: Smith & Wesson 340 Pocket Carry

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    Smith & Wesson 340 Pocket Carry

    This gun is small and light, but I'm having trouble finding options for pocket carry with a holster. Someone at the range actually mentioned just carrying it with no holster because the trigger pull is so incredibly stiff -- this makes me a bit nervous however. I just picked up this gun for $799 used (they said only 15 rounds went through it) and it looks brand new. Came with the CT grips, which I assume are factory since it has the M&P logo on the actual grips -- as well as the front night site and two speed loaders with belt pouch. Very excited, but am not carrying it yet because I don't have a holster! Thanks everyone, stay safe.

    Smith & Wesson 340 Pocket Carry-100_3695.jpg
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    I pocket carry a 442 with a Remora No-Clip holster. It's kinda big, but it works in my cargo pants. I didn't buy it for that application, but it works for now.

    I bought a cheap leather pocket holster from Cheaper Than Dirt, but it was garbage. My pistol would fall out of my pocket if I reclined too much in my chair.

    Based on my limited research, the most recommended pocket holsters were the Desantis Nemesis and the Mika pocket holster. I've used a Nemesis with good results, with an LCP.

    I've got a Mika on order, and will post a carry report.

    There are many users here, that have great pocket carry success with different brands of holsters. If you get one from a reputable manufacturer, I'm sure that it will serve your needs.
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    That is a fantastic little gun, I have the exact same setup. I use a "Pocket Roo" from tuff-products (see the banner at the top of the page, they are a site sponsor) and place it in my back pocket or cargo pocket. Of course I have the slightly larger one that has the slot for the speed strip as well - if you get the smaller one it may work well for you in the front pocket.

    I have on occasion carried without the holster, but usually for short duration, and never have anything else in the pocket.

    Good luck!!!!
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    I carry my 360 M&P alot, and when I do its always pocket carry without a holster. Ive tried pocket holsters (uncle mike, nemisis, ect) but nothing fits in my pocket better then just the gun itself so thats what I do. As said before, never anything else in the pocket, and if I noted the pocket to have alot of dirt/lint, I usually try my best to clean that out before putting her in there.

    I recently took my side plate off just out of curiuosity to see how dirty it got by just doing pocket carry alone and to my surprise it was as clean as the day i got it, and my models the exposed hammer, correct me if Im wrong but I think yours is inclosed. Bottom line, I think youll be fine with just plan old in the pocket!

    NVM, I just saw the pic, lol. Yea inclosed'll be fine! Toss that thing in your pocket!
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    I tried pocket carrying mine in a Mika holster, but I didn't like the way it felt. I should have known this because I don't even like carrying my car keys in my front pocket. I also tried carrying it without the holster in my front pocket. It printed less, but is harder to get out of your pocket. So now I carry it with a IWB or OWB holster.

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    I carry a Smith M&P 340 in right front pocket. I have tried several holsters and have settled on the Uncle Mike's #4. It's made for compact 9's and 40's but prints less because it is a little wider. YMMV but I don't recommend pocket carry without a holster of some sort. Too much shifting. The grip may wind up in the wrong location when you most need it.

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    I would sell it and get a glock, thats just me...

    Everyone, dont bash me, inside joke between me and Z&H.

    You may be OK just pocket carrying it by itself as long there isn't anything else in your pockets...But the pros to getting a holster would be more ease of mind, less printing, and the firearm will always be in the same position.

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    Wow. 340M&P with CT grip? Beautiful weapon! Definitely a bit jealous!

    I purchased my pocket holster for my S&W 442 from my LGS(Which also has LEO supplies, and a pretty good size accesorry shop.) I got it at. I can't honesty remember the brand, but it really serves its purpose well. The bottom is curved like my cargo jeans pockets, and it covers the trigger. The gentleman assisting me allowed me to pull the holster out of the package,and actually try it with my weapon before purchasing (I tried two other types of pocket holsters before purchasing this one.)

    Good luck!

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    Glad you are not taking the guys advice at the range. I would not carry that gun with no holster, no matter how stiff the pull is.

    True story from a customer: He was on a ladder working above the corner of a desk, he had a gun in his pocket and no holster, he slipped and fell down, the gun must have rotated in perfect position during the fall,
    the trigger hit/caught the end of the desk corner on the way down off the ladder, that caused had a misfire that hit the floor. A 50lb trigger pull would not have helped. No one was injured.

    This may help you.


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    Another +1 for a Mika pocket holster. I had a M&P 340 with the Crimson Trace, and this is what I used to carry it in my right front pocket for a little over a year. It worked great.

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    ++1.............I have carried a Mika for years. Better than other holster costing three times as much in my opinion.
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    My 642 rides in either a Mika or Desantis Nemesis depending on the cut of the pocket it rides in. Strong side pocket with two speed strip reloads in the other pocket. It's the perfect setup for me.

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    Like the j frames they have out just don't like the price tags..even with L.E. discount I'm not paying that kind of money for a revolver in less it's a Colt Python. I got my S&W 638 for just at and over $400 w/tax and didn't like that price. Couldn't fathom $700
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    The Mika is excellent. I was lucky enough that the guy I bought mine from sent a Desantis Nemesis. It works great. Either would be fine.
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