I bought this belt because I was in the market for a quality leather gun belt that can be worn with dress pants or a suit without looking out of place. What I like about the style is the way that it has a slightly rounded profile, almost invisible stitching that's very close to the edge, and a really nice looking finish on the belt buckle. These are qualities that I have not seen on any other gun belts in my search. If they made this style in 1.25" inch I think it would be perfect, but they don't. Although the Havana Brown is pretty, I got the black version so that it would be more versatile.

On delivery, the belt was left somewhere out in the snow in below freezing weather where I didn't find it until about 5-6 hours later. As soon as I started to bend the belt after opening I heard a crackling noise and saw millions of little micro-cracks forming in the paint/lacquer on the interior side. Oops....I took it over to the wood stove and warmed it up, after which it could be bent without causing any more significant cracks to form, although there is some minor wrinkling which is expected.

I can tell you first hand that it looks very nice, just as good as in the professional photos. The leather is also quite stiff as a gun belt should be. Aside from the micro-cracking, which at this point in time is only a minor annoyance, I am kicking myself over the size. I ordered it the same size as my regular belts, which I can comfortably wear IWB with, and are sized two inches larger than my pants size. Having read in a review that Galco's belts may stretch a little I figured this would be fine.

Well, this was a mistake, because my Galco belt turned out to be 2 inches shorter than my usual belts, and isn't stretching any time soon. I measured both belts and found that Galco's sizes were correct but my usual belt is actually 2 inches larger than it's stated size. I cannot blame Galco for this, I can only blame myself, and perhaps partially those annoying clothing manufacturers who have taken it upon themselves to redefine "the inch" when it comes to waist sizes. I can still wear the Galco with an IWB weapon, but it's not really comfortable. Live and learn!