OWB Holsters. Which one?

OWB Holsters. Which one?

This is a discussion on OWB Holsters. Which one? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; All right guys. Quick and easy question. Just looking for a reasonably price, reasonable quality, open topped, leather OWB holster (pancake style) mostly for the ...

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Thread: OWB Holsters. Which one?

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    OWB Holsters. Which one?

    All right guys. Quick and easy question. Just looking for a reasonably price, reasonable quality, open topped, leather OWB holster (pancake style) mostly for the range but could possibly be used for CCW. I currently use a MTAC Minotaur for IWB and love the holster, but I want leather for OWB. I plan on buying 3 of the same holster for 3 different pistols (one for a 1911, one for an XD45c, and one for a Beretta 92). Here is a short list of what I'm looking at right now. As always, suggestions are appreciated.

    High Noon (Slide Guard)
    Don Hume (H721 O.T.)
    Fist (#12 Basic)
    XD45c, XD9sc, LCP

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    IMHO, UBG Holsters Regulator is about the best deal around for what you're describing. This holster carries virtually as good as an IWB for me, and that's with a DW CBOB. Quality is superb, and it is a great value. Last time I checked turn around times were very reasonable. I have purchased several items from Nate, and I would not hesitate to recommend this guy and his products.

    Goog luck.
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    Check out the Desantis speed scabbard, also. Of the one you've listed I would go with the Fist.
    *WARNING - I may or may not know what I am talking about.

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    Galco combat master is what I use for inexpensive OWB.
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    +1 on UBG holsters....
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    I have a DeSantis Cozy Partner for IWB and a Don Hume H721 O.T for OWB, both good holsters not too expensive

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    I have two Don Hume 721's. With my Glock 23 it carries well and is very comfortable. Strangely enough I find it awkward and uncomfortable with my 1911.

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    Galco Concealable. I just got one and love it.

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    Another for UBG Regulator
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    I put this in a similar thread. I've been very pleased with this holster.
    Quote Originally Posted by MSteve View Post
    I just received one of these a few weeks ago: http://www.lobogunleather.com/14_enh...e_new_for_2010
    Ray is great to work with, his price is more than competetive for leather, and his turn around time is not bad (and slightly ahead of what was quoted).
    I got it for my M&Pc, and have been very pleased. I am primarily an IWB kydex and/or hybrid type (C-Tac/M-Tac type), so I wanted a really close fitting holster. I can wear this under a normal sized button up shirt with no issues. It's not as good under a polo or T-shirt, as an IWB, but probably much better than most OWBs.
    Here are few pics of mine. I got it with the slideguard. I wear it under my shirt, against the skin and it's comfortable for me. It is however still cold here, so I'm not sure how that will work in the summer when it gets hot.
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    DeSantis caution

    I have 2 DeSantis speed scabbards ,one for a GLOCK 19 and one for an S&W 28. Both bind the to the point it takes two hands to draw. After contacting Customer Service I sent the one for the GLOCK back to be "adjusted". It did not help at all.

    I have 5 FIST holsters with tension screws. No problems with security or drawing. Their belt slots are cut too tight for a Beltman double thick belt but relieving the slots is easy to do.

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    Take a look at the American Heritage of Garrett Holsters. Mine's in the mail to me as we speak so I'll be able to give a more detailed analysis of it once it's in my hands; I know I won't be disappointed!

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    I've been very happy with the Blackhawk slides.

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    My first choice would be FIST and closely behind in second would be Don Hume.

    I would also recommend another, Adams Holsters. Great guy and makes one heck of a holster. He made me a custom IWB snap on holster for my 1911.
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    One thing I would recommend and this is to pretty much anyone, I would buy one make sure you like it then branch into the other three. Mainly buying a holster that doesn't work out isn't fun for anyone;) Buying three that don't work out is torture;)

    I'd say try one and if it's up to your standards for the price, then go back and get some more;)

    Take care!


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