I have used Galco holsters for years. I always liked their products. That changed this week. I called Galco to ask the fastest way to get a Galco Yaqui Slide holster. The man who answered the phone said "I'm sorry, I have no way of telling you that, just try your local stores". and HUNG UP ON ME!. I called back and was treated as badly by two other people.

Yesterday was the Crossroad's of the West Gun show in Phoenix. I went with my neighbor. At the show I found Nevada Gun Leather. AWESOME!!! Stitching is superior, quality is top notch and it is 1/2 price of Galco. I found a holster that is almost identical to the Yaqui Slide (which sells for $70.00) for $30.00. Also, all their holsters are either ambi or they have left handed in stock. They are on the net and most major shows.

I wore it today and it's excellent. Next step is getting a CC holster. I wanted to test them out before I bought 2. I also picked up a single mag holster for $19.95.

When I figure out how to post pic's, I will put pic's up.

SO, if you are looking for holsters, give your money to a company that deserves it. http://nevadagunleather.com/