I have been carrying my Kahr CW9 in a JS Holsters IWB rig for about a year now and thought I would pass on my thoughts on this holster. This kydex rig is very well made and quite comfortable for extended carry. It has a wide, integral molded kydex clip that securely holds the pistol in nice and tight to the body at a favorable, although slight, forward cant. The clip has a notch in the middle so it can straddle a belt loop if you need it to. The whole design is made out of one piece of kydex and thus there is minimal bulk or weight involved. The holster has a retention adjustment screw, and is well molded to the particular firearm you have them to make it for. The design is for a 1 1/2' belt but works fine for me in a standard dress belt when I have to wear a suit or sport coat and don't think my scuffed- up heavy leather gun belt is quite "appropriate" for wear. The holster rides low on the beltline and I have absolutely no issue with printing under even a light t-shirt with this holster. It has become my go-to holster for IWB, bar none, and I have even sent my high-dollar Mitch Rosen to live in the holster drawer in favor of this $55 kydex rig. I recommend this holster if you like IWB and aren't opposed to kydex. It is a simple effective design that works. You should check 'em out, turn around time for me was about three weeks. And, they are great guys to talk to or deal with if you have questions. Both of the primary guys, Jason and Mike, are shooters and have a lot of experience in training and in CCW matters. See JSholsters.com.