Blade tech VS. Crossbreed

Blade tech VS. Crossbreed

This is a discussion on Blade tech VS. Crossbreed within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I need a new IWB. I have a Don Hume clip on IWB, and I love it except it comes out on the draw sometimes. ...

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Thread: Blade tech VS. Crossbreed

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    Blade tech VS. Crossbreed

    I need a new IWB. I have a Don Hume clip on IWB, and I love it except it comes out on the draw sometimes. I can't afford to have that happen in a defensive situation. I've narrowed it down to a Blade tech IDPA approved IWB, or a crossbreed for my Walther P99 9mm. Any info?

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    I have a Crossbreed for my Walther PPS. It does the job well, and I recommend it.
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    Don't know much about Blade tech, but I've been rockin' a CBST for over a year and a half now and love it.
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    Count my vote for Crossbreed. I have one for my Glock 19/23 and have used it constantly for the last 2 years!
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    I've had a Bladetech and a Crossbreed. I'd not buy either one again. You didn't ask for it, but Comp Tac is a much better deal.
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    I have and use often a Blade-Tech IWB UCCH. It conceals very nicely and pretty comfortable. Problems, are, I don't like the design of the belt clip, and since it only attaches to the belt in one spot, the gun slides around a bit. I like Blade-Tech's quality, but not sure I'd get this same design again. I do want a Blade-Tech paddle holster w/light for my Hk.
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    The CBST is very popular, but the Blade-techs are so well made, and have just as great customer service. I vote Blade-tech.
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    I'm on my second CBST (XD40 and Glock 22) and would highly recommend them. The holsters are top notch and so is the customer service.
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    I have the blade tech for my LCR and like it.

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    Everyone keeps overlooking the best, and I believe the original hybrid. The Answer by Tucker Leather is the finest IWB I have ever owned. I have several Crossbreeds and one Comp-Tac. I love the Answer! Great people at Tucker as well...

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    I have a crossbreed and love it. Rock solid on draw!

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    The thing I've heard the most complaints about the Blade Tech IWB holsters, is the feel of Kydex against your skin. This can be solved by wearing an undershirt.

    OTOH Blade Tech will create a holster any way you want it for practically any gun, gun/light/ gun/light/laser combo you can think of. They made a holster for my G-21 w/ a P series mounted light (uncommon gun very uncommon light, almost unheard of combination). YMMV
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    I have a BladeTech IWB for my 1911 5" and one for my Bersa Thunder 380. I like the BladeTech, it works well...however, I also have an M-TAC IWB for my XDm...for IWB I consider it the best option.
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    I've used a crossbreed for my glock, loved it. My brother had a Blade tech for his XD sub, He loved.... till he tried my crossbreed. We both carried the CBST for well over a year, but now we use SHTF Gear. SHTF Gear is by far my favorite. you can check them out at I would recommend the CBST or the SHTF Gear, but strongly lean toward the SHTF Gear ACE-1.

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    I have a Blade Tech paddle for OWB and a Crossbreed Supertuck for IWB.
    I tried the Fobus paddle but found that I liked the Blade Tech better more adjustable for a better fit. The Comp Tac is a nice holster I did not like the plastic clips and the Crossbreed seems to fit me better.

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