Question with OWB carry

Question with OWB carry

This is a discussion on Question with OWB carry within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I carry a XD9SC in a "High Noon Topless" with a heavy duty leather work belt. Iam also troubled with the dunlap problem 5'8" & ...

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Thread: Question with OWB carry

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    Question Question with OWB carry

    I carry a XD9SC in a "High Noon Topless" with a heavy duty leather work belt. Iam also troubled with the dunlap problem 5'8" & 230 lbs.

    I am having trouble with the gun handle riding out away from my body more than I like. Is this caused by belt, body shape, holster OR does a short barreled gun have a tendence to roll more than a longer barrel on the belt.

    I do have a "Frequent Flyer Belt" from Wilderness Tactical ordered.

    Thank for any and all help!


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    If you're not currently using a belt specifically designed for carrying a weapon, I'm sure the Wilderness belt will improve your situation dramatically. It's amazing how much difference a quality belt can make in your carry.
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    Belt is sure essential to make best of a rig - and if the rig is good as this should be, the combination should work.

    Heavy work belts tho should IMO often be OK but again body shape is certainly another factor. I doubt short barrel has too much to do with it.

    Seems you may have some experimentation ahead.

    OH and BTW - welcome!
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    Hummm... it sure depends where you're wearing that belt too. On your hips below the belly or over the naval? Ya know what I mean?

    Ya might have to re-think the holster/belt issue to best fit your body type. Maybe an IWB holster like the Milt Sparks VersaMax II or a CTAC would work for you. Whatever you settle on, it's gotta be comfortable or you won't wanna wear it!

    That darn "dunlops disease" is contagious too!
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    Bill MO,
    A short-barreled high-capacity pistol is by nature of the design top-heavy. So yes, it can feel like it's flopping away from the body if worn on too flimsy a belt or if the holster carries it too high.

    Many holster manufactuer's, particularly the mass production ones, use the same pattern for shorter pistols that they use for full-size guns, and just shorten the bottom of the holster. Or use a pattern for a single-stack pistol for a double-stack hi-cap pistol of simialr size and just change the stitch lines. While this may seem like it would work in theory, it does not take into account the different center of balance and different weight distribution of the different guns. If the holster is not designed around the specific firearm it is designed to carry problems can arise. This means more than just molding the holster to fit a specific gun. It means taking into account the ride height and belt slot location, and some other factors.

    My suggestion for you would be try the holster sligtly forward or back from where you're trying to carry it now. You didn't state what position you're trying, but try shifting it around a bit and see if this helps.

    If not, try a different belt. Everyone harps on "get a good belt", but rarely do I hear people say "get a good belt that fits the holster belt slots". If you are wearing a holster with 1 3/4 inch belt slots on a 1 1/2 inch wide belt, you are not getting optimum performance and stabilty from that holster no matter how good the belt is. Hope this helps.
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    +1, Mark hit every point right on the head.

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    Mark's explaination pretty much covered it. I would start with a good belt, and see if that corrects the problem for you. Next, try a new holster. Your body shape should not matter as much as you might think - a properly designed holster will pull it to your side regardless.
    As Mark's post alluded, there are a lot of holsters out there for sub-compact guns that were never designed for them, but are just "cur down" versions of those made for longer guns. For something that short and blocky to function properly, it must have been designed specifically for the purpose.
    I just did a redesign of my Glock 26/27 Def-Con, as well as the one for the 29/30. They are substantially different than those for the full size models because they balance totally differently.

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    As to position I have tried it from about the 1-1:30 position all the way around to about the 4- 4:30 over the hip at times it seem to set up like I think It should and other times doesn't. I am thinking the belt is rolling somewhat. I went with the wilderness belt with the stiffener in it hopefuly it will be here in a few more days. IWB again with a High Noon holsert just is not comforable for me. Hopefuly it willn't take a box full of holserts to find what works.

    Thanks for all the info


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    Ill just echo what Mark and Gary said.....especially about the proper holster design for the gun in question and belt loop sizing. It never ceases to amaze me how many people get a great gun belt and holster and dont match them up. There is NO MOVEMENT if you get a good belt and holster combination from any of us.....especially one with slots in it. Shoot well and god bless
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    Just FYI

    So folks know what holster he is talking about and what it looks like.

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