Holster for Wife

Holster for Wife

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Thread: Holster for Wife

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    Holster for Wife

    SWMBO told me tonight that she wants to start carrying her Kimber Ultra Carry or get an LC9. I say Ok we need to get you a holster and then she hits me with the question to which I haven't found the answer.

    She wants to carry at 6 oclock IWB.

    One factor that will be relevant is I married a big Tennessee farm girl, if that puts it delicately enough.

    Can anyone offer suggestions especially regarding a holster maker?


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    Have your wife take a look at this YouTube video in order for her to have an idea of the concealed carry options available for women. I strongly advise her against carrying at 6 o'clock IWB because if she happens to fall backwards for whatever reason then she could seriously injure her spine. Also, it will be very uncomfortable for her to drive and sit down comfortably since the pistol and holster will be right on her spine and the crack of her butt. I think the best position is between 3 o'clock and 5 o'clock.

    As far as holsters, I think that a Crossbreed Supertuck or a Minotaur MTAC by Comp-Tac are the two best options for IWB concealed carry.

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    If she is a big girl, reaching around to 6:00 under stress, lifting her cover garment, and drawing would be very difficult. It's hard enough for anybody. As mentioned, it's also the most uncomfortable location to carry a gun. Kramer makes a belt holster specifically for a woman's curves. Check it out.
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    I second the CrossBreed.

    Another option is the Remora No-Clip.

    Either one offers many different carry styles.
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    Try SHTF Gear, I've had a great experience with them, best I've found so far. www.shtfgear.com

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    If you or your wife have not seen it, Kathy Jackson's website, The Cornered Cat, has a lot of information, including a section on holsters, from a woman's point of view.

    The Cornered Cat

    If a woman has "curves" (hips), any holster without an offset tends to push the muzzle out and drive the butt into her side. If the barrel is short and/or the gun canted, depending on the woman's specific build, this can be good up to a point, for concealment, but becomes a problem beyond that point. Women, who have a feminine shape, definitely have a more difficult time than men finding a workable holster for concealed carry.

    Good luck! And, share what you learn with us.
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