1911 Holster Help

1911 Holster Help

This is a discussion on 1911 Holster Help within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I just picked up a sweet 1911. 4 1/4" bbl made by israel Arms Int. Alloy grey lower,black upper,black controls,3.5 trigger,night sites and nice rubber ...

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Thread: 1911 Holster Help

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    Question 1911 Holster Help

    I just picked up a sweet 1911. 4 1/4" bbl made by israel Arms Int.
    Alloy grey lower,black upper,black controls,3.5 trigger,night sites
    and nice rubber grips. Now I need a good IWB holster for it. How do y'all carry your 1911's??
    I don't carry all day,because of work. Gun weighs like 34-36 oz. but slim like all 1911's. I looked
    at Don Hume products so far,need one w/some cant to hide grip. My buddy suggested the 715
    IWB by Don Hume. Any suggestions?? Thanks in advance to all replies!!
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    Summer Special by Milt Sparks. It's a classic, minimalist design that doesn't take up a lot of real estate on your body, like the very popular Crossbreed Sypertuck. The ""II" version is usually in stock at Brownell's, otherwise it's a 4-6 month lead time.
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    Most of my holsters are by Wild Bill's Concealment; I like to support local manufactures. I like the Covert Carry for my 3 and 4 inch 1911s and the Summer Heat for the full size Government models.

    Wild Bill's Concealment Holsters | Gun Belts | Accessories | Packages

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    I have a Sparks Versa Max II and it's great, but if i were buying a new holster today i'd look at Pure Kustom's Black Ops Pro for its flexibility. It's a great design and people speak highly of the quality.
    Pure Kustom Holster Black Ops Pro

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    Comptac Minoitaur IWB, You won't know it's there.

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    Try OWB with a good, stiff, gun belt and a high quality pancake holster with a decent amount of forward cant for a carry location right behind the strong side hip.

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    +1 Pure Kustom Black Ops Pro. Great holster. Plus Rocky is a sponsor.
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    I've carried some version of a 1911 most of the time for many years. While I am presently carrying in a Mitch Rosen double shoulder rig due to some chronic back problems, I've carried IWB more than any other way. My IWB choices, in my own personal order of preference are: 1. Brommeland Max-Con V 2. Sparks Versa-Max II 3. Rosen ARG 4. Sparks Executive Companion 5. Sparks Summer Special II

    Having said that, I've recently discovered holsters by Pure Kustom, and the one example I have is extremely impressive. Rocky does great work. Also, Rhome Desbiens at Desbiens Gunleather does beautiful work. Rhome was mentored by Gary Brommeland, and his holsters show Gary's influence, and I would rank his quality with Gary's.

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    I'll add a BIG +1 to the Brommeland MaxCon V!!

    Over 20 yrs of CCing and it's hands down the most comfy IWB I've ever tried. It's the only holster for my Officer's model.
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    Comptac MTAC love it so much I bought one for every gun I carry.

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    Pure Kustom Black Ops Pro if you have the $$$ for it. The Kholster is also a very nice value option. Both are site sponsors and make fine products. The PK BOP is a premium product and the Kholster is a value product. Both are great products, just at different price points.
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    1911 Holster

    If you are interested in trying OWB, I have a couple of new pancake holsters ready to go. I have some holster and matching mag pouches on sale. Let me know if I can help.

    These holsters fit close to the body.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kapnketel View Post
    +1 Pure Kustom Black Ops Pro. Great holster. Plus Rocky is a sponsor.
    Ditto on that.......I currently have 3 BOP's and Rocky is working on the 4th for my Brown KC LW and a 5th for my Wilson Spec Ops 9.......Rocky is First Class to work with and does awesome work.
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    This may help you out. There are many others.

    Inside the pants Down Under Clip

    Outside the pants Slide Guard


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    I like El Paso Saddlery.

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