In your opinion which is safer to carry??? 1911 or Glock

In your opinion which is safer to carry??? 1911 or Glock

This is a discussion on In your opinion which is safer to carry??? 1911 or Glock within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; In your opinion and please explain your reasoning which gun would you feel safer carrying with the gun loaded? A glock with the safety trigger ...

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Thread: In your opinion which is safer to carry??? 1911 or Glock

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    In your opinion which is safer to carry??? 1911 or Glock

    In your opinion and please explain your reasoning which gun would you feel safer carrying with the gun loaded? A glock with the safety trigger or a 1911 with the grip safety and the thumb safety? I havent been too worried about mine yet but have been reading a few threads that have me wondering about accidental discharges.

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    it all depends on your trigger finger..... to me they are both as safe

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    I don't have anything with both a grip safety and thumb safety. My XD has the grip safety and the Glock style trigger safety (which I have 0 faith in).
    Unfortunately, I havn't found a semi auto that I like both caliber, weight, and size (concealability), that has a thumb safety.
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    Either one is perfectly safe for carry, with a competent person operating it.

    EDIT: My usually carry gun is a 1911. But sometimes I pocket carry a j-frame (no safety), and I have a Glock 36 I am going to start carrying on occasion.
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    It's the driver, not the car, that matters.
    CCW permit holder for Idaho, Utah, Pennsylvania, Maine and New Hampshire. I can carry in your country but not my own.

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    Yup. If a person follows the 4 rules, then both are equally safe.

    If said person doesn't follow the rules...well, no safety can overcome stupidity.

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    Either one. They don't go off by themselves or have their own minds.
    " Blessed is that man, who when facing death, thinks only of his front sight"
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    I think we're looking at apples and oranges here.

    As has been said, your trigger finger is the safety.

    Having said that, I think the 1911 would have to be considered "safer" due to the 2 external safeties. BUT the 1911 requires a lot more training to ingrain sweeping off the safety during presentation without having to think about it. I think the overall competency of the 1911 user is slightly higher because it takes more effort to learn how to disengage/reengage the safeties under stress. This doesn't apply to the casual shooter who loads at the range and carries an empty gun home in a case (same thing with a decocker s/he never learns to master the DA/SA trigger).

    OTOH there is a thread about a Glock guy who ventilated his backside and killed a car seat when his grossly out of service holster managed to get a piece of leather in the triggerguard.

    OTOOH there was a post of a 1911 guy who had been shot in the hand and tried to return fire but couldn't because he couldn't disengage the grip safety.

    Remember, "Your mind is the weapon, you gun is just a tool."

    I do not remember where I saw this one first but I think this is golden.

    Keep your booger hooks off the bang switch until you're ready to fire. YMMV
    Courage is endurance for one moment more…

    Hollowpoints might expand, but bullets won't shrink.

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    It's not about your finger, as has been said by someone else in another thread or forum: your mind is the safety. That said, I'm not sure enough people understand that a Glock has no safety, the 'trigger safety' is the pet rock of the gun world. I'm a 1911 guy but I can appreciate the simplicity of a gun in which the holster is basically the safety. With the right holster, "draw and rock" has growing appeal for me.

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    Some NDs happen with Glock firearms when shooters attempt to reholster their firearm with (whoops!) the index finger still in the trigger guard.

    They "brain fart" & let their desire to attain speed (in general) get ahead of their individual skill level.

    For self-defense carry - Practice often to draw and present the firearm smoothly and quickly.

    Speed comes naturally with practice.

    Reholster carefully.

    There is not typically any "street need" for lightning fast reholstering of the daily carry firearm.

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