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Thread: Holster Wear

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    Holster Wear

    What wears the finish off a holster more or faster Kydex or Leather?

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    I will state I don't actually know, but my good guns only go in Leather....
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    My gun goes in Cowdex tm, that's good stiff leather from Pure Kustom!
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    Neither, practice wears the finish....

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    I'm with NC Bullseye on this one. I will ask you this though, why does it matter? Any gun that you carry will see some holster wear no matter what kind of material the holster is made of. I run both kydex and leather for my carry guns (one hybrid for each as well) but they are just that carry guns, they are going to see holster wear. I think if you want pretty guns, leave them in the safe.
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    Pending on on exact fit of the holster and finish of the firearm etc, I would wager that a Kydex will show wear faster as it will have more friction on the contact areas then leather, it took years to get holster wear on a particular 1911 with a leather holster, but only a couple of draws from a Blackhawk! Serpa and the gun was showing wear around the trigger guard area. I've had similar results with other guns and kydex. However, a looser fitting Kydex will not show wear as fast.

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    Wear on a carry gun shows character. I only use leather and I have very little (if any) holster wear on the guns I bought new. My used guns came pre-characterized.
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    Any good holster that is leather, should be lined with calf skin. Its soft, grips like a glove, and does not wear the finish like unlined leather or kydex. Having said that, all holsrers will wear some finish after awhile. I dont worry about holster wear, as I feel wear gives a gun character, and shows practice. You either have safe queens, or fighting guns. I have no place for safe queens.
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    The answer is both. Kydex on the more abrupt contact areas & leather on the same high points/edges but, the actual wear appears a bit softer.

    If you are concerned about "holster wear" then send your firearm out for Industrial Hard Chrome plating over Electroless Nickel.

    That NEVER shows any holster wear.

    Another option on a blued firearm is just to buy a little bottle of OXPHO BLUE (cold blue) from Brownell's & occasionally "touch up blue" the holster wear areas on your firearm. It won't harm the existing blue.
    You can do the "touch up" blue with a Q-Tip cotton swab - you don't even need to degrease or disassemble the firearm & it blends nicely with with gun blue or black oxide.

    Personally I LIKE holster wear. If I were ever forced to pick one of two unknown persons to "cover my six" - I'd visually check out their personal firearms and select the person with the firearm showing the most holster wear. The more wear the better.

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    I prefer leather, but maybe I'm just old school. My Glocks show some holster wear on high spots. SW 442 in Kramer pocket carry for twenty years lots of holster wear. SW 686 carried for six years on duty, not much wear, but had finish put on at Magnaport. Stainless guns, do seem to show less wear. As said above, no safe queens!!!

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    Definitely kydex, in my experience.

    Yes, leather will wear on high-contact areas over time, but I've never seen leather scrape the finish down the length of the slide like kydex did to one of mine.

    Kydex tends toward hard, sharp edges that will scrape and gouge, while leather will just rub over time.

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    I have no idea which wears more as I am one of the leather only users. Leather does wear in time. When my department went over to the Blackhawk duty holsters I got them to agree that anyone who wanted to keep the SS- III could do so as long as they could continue to show proficency. I kept my SS-III.

    My CCW rigs are all leather from my old Galco IWB to High Noon, Side Guard and Arizona Gun Leather holsters.

    My gunbelts are also all leather as are the seat covers in my truck and car.
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