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OWB and concealibility (got a new gun, have a new question)

This is a discussion on OWB and concealibility (got a new gun, have a new question) within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm kind of focused on the whole concealability thing... to my mind, it runs a spectrum from from "plausible deniability" where if your not an ...

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Thread: OWB and concealibility (got a new gun, have a new question)

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    I'm kind of focused on the whole concealability thing... to my mind, it runs a spectrum from from "plausible deniability" where if your not an LEO, educated consumer, or looking too close, it's concealed enough, out to "actually concealed" where there is no visual cue of any type. I lean towards the "actual" end myself. For summer carry, my 642 in a low riding IWB appendix holster does it, even with a normal (not snug or very loose) t shirt. Black helps a lot.
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    Shirts cut for outside the belt wear will do just as good a job of covering and give a cleaner look.
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    QKShooter pretty much nailed it. It all starts with a quality holster. The key is one that holds the gun tight to the side. How easily can you slip a finger between the gun and your side? I’ve used the JIT and for the money its “okay” but there are many better options out there. The cant or angle of the holster is critical too. Key is to have the gun tilted forward so the butt/grip lays flat against your side pointed up instead of pointing straight out to the rear. A “straight drop” holder only works for very small guns on very big guys.

    I’ve also tried the snap on style and although I love the convenience, they don’t hold the gun as close as a thread the loops style holster. If you’re a small guy the avenger style holder works well. It has a loop on the back of the holster and then a trailing wing. If you’re normal to bigger then a front and back belt loop wing helps to pull the gun close to the side.
    Another suggestion is to skip the reinforced mouths. One handed reholstering is essential for an LEO but not necessary for a civilian. That extra piece of leather used to keep the mouth open makes the whole package a lot thicker which leads to more printing.
    The other consideration is how high or low the holder carries the gun in relationship to the belt. If it’s low, then the muzzle area of the rig tends to peak out under T shirts. A higher riding OWB is a good design. I’d recommend you get one from one of the good, makers like UBG, HBE Leatherworks, etc.
    The gun belt is really important too. Once you get one you’ll know what all the talk is about. It really is one of the simple pleasures in life. I’d recommend you DON’T get one with the plastic insert. They’re too thick and can be uncomfortable threaded through the belt slots of an OWB. Regular thickness is good. For IWB carry the extra thick can be good.

    QKShooter was really right about fabric weight. Also, some kind of print or pattern leaning toward the dark side helps hide things well.


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    I found some nice shirt's for CC at Wally World for under $15.00 for summer & winter wear.

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    I know this has been rehashed a bunch but buying a nice holster without having a really good gun belt is money ill spent. A good double layer gun belt supports the heaviest of firearms firmly and securely. No sagging or twisting. When you draw, the holster stays planted to your hip. Soft belts simply flex too much and when you draw with a soft belt the holster will lift when the weapon is lifted. I love OWB especially for the 1911. Super comfy and does not print at all at the 4:30 pos.

    Once you get used to not tucking your shirt in, you will be surprised how much cooler it is. My kids tell me I look "cooler" with out my shirt tucked in too! My daughter still says I'm a nerd...but a cool nerd!

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    I recently bought a paddle holster (OWB) for my Glock 19. It is really nice, has a button release and everything. I actually bought it partially in the hope of Texas passing the open-carry law, but that hasn't happened, at least not yet. But also I plan on trying that out by just covering it with a jacket during the winter time. I'm not so sure about covering it with a long shirt. I've tried that and even a loose fitting shirt tends to show a really obvious print of a gun. It sure is comfortable, though. I don't mind so much if I print when I'm wearing IWB because it isn't real obvious exactly what it is that is printing there. But with the OWB it is very obvious what it is.

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    I have a CB snapside OWB holster coming for my CW9. Georgia is an open carry state but I still want it concealed. I plan on letting my shirts hang over. I always buy t-shirts that hang down abit.
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    1. IME, a leather pancake holster is the best concealing OWB -- a Dom Hume slide will fall a bit short of ideal. However I haven't seen everything new, and some people do swear by Raven kydex holsters, so...
    2. You will be miserable trying to conceal a larger, heavier gun with a cheap belt. You can't go all-out cheap here. Even if it's a Looper belt or Wilderness or whatever -- it has to be a gun belt. You can save money elsewhere; don't fight this...
    3. As has been said: for light cotton cover garments plus OWB, it's all about: good belt, right holster, right position on waistline, right cant. Note that "right" varies from person to person.

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