Acidic Sweat? How Do I Protect My Holster's Finish?

Acidic Sweat? How Do I Protect My Holster's Finish?

This is a discussion on Acidic Sweat? How Do I Protect My Holster's Finish? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I sent my leather rig back because it bleeds on clothing and skin. The maker sent me an email (very cool about it) saying he ...

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Thread: Acidic Sweat? How Do I Protect My Holster's Finish?

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    Question Acidic Sweat? How Do I Protect My Holster's Finish?

    I sent my leather rig back because it bleeds on clothing and skin. The maker sent me an email (very cool about it) saying he would recoat it with a protective finish because he said it had very little left on it. He said it looked like it had been soaked and then worn that way.
    I don't think I sweat excessively, but I don't know an easy way of telling whether my sweat is more acidic than normal. I do live in AL so it is humid though.

    Anyway, what can I do to protect my holster? Also, can leaving the gun/magazines in the holster for long periods of time cause damage to the finish? Would letting it 'air out' at night help prevent this?
    If you guys have any advice I would really appreciate it.

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    Leather is going to get wet from sweat just no two ways about it. You can wax the leather, treat it with Neats foot oil or similar but its going to rub off Bleed ect when it gets wet. Yes you should let your leather dry out at night, Un-holster your weapon and let the leather have a chance to dry. Leather can effect some finishes if left for long periods of time in contact with finish but more then likely you will see finish wear from the holster well before you will see a discoloration in any finish.

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    Hate to tell you this buddy I got the same problem in spades... Leather sucks for us, Nylon and Kydex are your best bets. I've bleached black shirts purple in a day, so trust me leather is only good if you oil it in mink oil, and that isnt always the best with leather holsters, its going to get eaten if you don't. Be careful of Nylon though, the cheaper stuff will melt and weaken if you dont let it air out. Also try and put a shirt or some kind of cloth between you and the holster that helps also.
    One final trick is switch out your holsters daily, either get copies or use different ones to that each on can air out and extend each holsters life.
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    First never use Neats Foot Oil on structured leather holsters because it will destroy the structure.
    Second, follow your holster makers advice on care.

    Hope that helps.

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    Buy This. It's always for sale on Ebay. Buy the smallest container. It lasts a LONG time. SAFE for your leather holsters AND your firearm.
    It's a fantastic protective product.

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