I went with R Grizzle Leather @ Holsters by RGrizzle .

I have the Southern Sidekick for an SP101 and had one for an HK45c. Sold the HK with the holster, still have the Ruger. Nice minimal, tuckable holster with excellent quality, fair price, and not too long of a wait time.

I will be ordering another Southern Sidekick for a Smith & Wesson 442. For me this holster is perfect for appendix carry -- slim, adjustable cant, height, and minimal "P" clips. I will also be ordering a City Slicker for a Sig P220 Carry SAS. The City Slicker has two tuckable clips. I have both the "P" Clips and "V" (Velcro) Clips.

Look into getting a Beltman or other quality gun belt with a velcro lining. This allows for the use of some holster makers' Velcro clips for ultimate concealment of the clips.

Here are a few of the SP101 in the Southern Sidekick: