This may not fit well in this area but I wanted to know if any of you have any experience with Galco's "1880" holsters and cartridge belts. I'm picking up a single action revolver in .357 and was considering this holster/belt combo. I've seen the recommendations for El Paso Saddlery but I'm looking to spend a little less money and I want a higher riding holster.

I've purchased the Galco outdoorsman holster for my Single Six and LOVE that holster but have never seen their 1880 holsters and cartridge belts. I'm either going that way or I may just get another Outdoorsman holster for the new SAA.

Any input would be appreciated. Here's a link to what I'm talking about:

Galco Model 1880s Holster Crossdraw FREE S&H W-DRC150, W-DRC151, W-DRC152, W-DRC153. Galco Holsters.

Thanks all