Holster Suggestions? 3 Pistols, 3 different purposes

Holster Suggestions? 3 Pistols, 3 different purposes

This is a discussion on Holster Suggestions? 3 Pistols, 3 different purposes within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Been out of touch with the industry for a while, but am becoming active again. Would appreciate some input. I am in the market for ...

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Thread: Holster Suggestions? 3 Pistols, 3 different purposes

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    Holster Suggestions? 3 Pistols, 3 different purposes

    Been out of touch with the industry for a while, but am becoming active again. Would appreciate some input.

    I am in the market for 3 different holsters for 3 weapons I use for 3 different purposes.

    1) CZ85B - to be used in USPSA production class (I have an old Gilmore Speed Leader I used for my Para, that will probably work if I can adjust for a shorter barrel.

    2) FNX-9 - to be used in IDPA ESP/SSP (I am leaning toward a Blade-Tech SRB)

    3) PX4 Compact - to be used in every day carry (I have looked at so many on-line, my head is spinning. I have been looking at Raven, MTAC, Supertuck, What the Tuck, Kholster, SHTF, The Answer) I've been using the inexpensive nylon IWB holsters and am tired of wearing them out.

    I really need to resolve need #3, and figured this might be the best forum for that.

    Biggest problem is that I am a lefty, so most of the off-the-shelf stuff won't work.

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    There are a lot of great Holsters on the market. Personally, I like leather! Being in the Hunting Industry for over 25 years, I learned a long time ago not to be cheap when buying equipment.....you get what you pay for! That being said, I use several Holsters for nearly each pistol I carry......depending on dress for that day. I use High Noon Public Secrets for IWB carry of my Glocks and have a Slim Pro ordered from H.B.E. Specialty Leatherworks......these are all primarily for appendix carry. I have Alessi Talon Plus for strong side carry for Sig p239 and have Andrews Leather McDaniels ll on order for strong side carry. I also use several pancake Holsters OWB carry in cooler months or when I can wear a loose fitting over shirt or vest. I like having a variety for flexibility! If I had to chose one to use for everything(ie.appendix and strong side), it would be the Alessi Talon Plus.....very comfortable and can be used in a variety of positions! It's a process determining what's best for each person depending on weather, dress, individuals build, etc. Good Luck!!
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    For leather, also checkout Nate at UBG holsters (www.ubgholsters.com)....does great custom work, quick turnaround time. Generally 3-4 weeks from order.
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    Shop here...costs nothing to look...HOLSTERS
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    The PX4 Compact doesn't need the 2 clip hybrid holster. It will snuggle in fine in a single clip Silent Thunder, leather lined Kydex. You've already been to their website Garrett Industries, so take a look. The Answer or "What the Tuck" (funny name) will carry the full sized and the 2 clip is warranted. See the links in my signature line for more. BUT, if you hurry you can get the 20% off coupon that expires 6/8.

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    I agree Old Lincoln regarding Garret Industries holsters. Excellent stuff. I might also suggest Dale Ficke's line of Kydex holsters available directly from Dale or through One Source Tactical. Good luck to you sir.

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