edc. iwb. holster for glock 23?

edc. iwb. holster for glock 23?

This is a discussion on edc. iwb. holster for glock 23? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; well im new to the cc world. ive only had my g23 for about a week and i havent real carried it because i dont ...

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    Question edc. iwb. holster for glock 23?

    well im new to the cc world. ive only had my g23 for about a week and i havent real carried it because i dont have a good holser. so could anyone tell me a good holster at a good price and also ive read that a gun belt was important too. so who make a good gun belt also? i want a tuckable i think but im not sure on this because like i said i am new to this soo all and any input is GREATLY appreciated. also ive looked at fist. theis. desantis, and galco king tuk. i dont think i want a kydex because i dont want it to kill the finish on my gun. but once again im not dead set on anything

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    I carry mine in a Crossbreed super tuck. The kydex isnt going to scratch the Glock finish at all. As for a good belt there are many out there. I bought a heavy duty one from the local amish community.

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    I honestly wouldn't worry about it, The guys that like leather tell you Kydex wears your finish, the guys the like Kydex tell you Leather wears your finish. I believe they both do over time. With that being said I like Kholsters. Cheap, Well made, and you get them quick. My EDC is a Glock26 I can tell you there extremely comfortable and hides well. Same goes for my M&P40fs. There are Hybrids with leather inside but there big bucks
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    I have 7 or 8 of these for various firearms...quality leather, easy on/off, reasonably priced, and quick delivery.http://www.fist-inc.com/holsters/holster/1A.htm
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    Check out Comp-tac.com. I have the Spartan - IWB, tuckable, adjustable cant and ride height, and interchangeable kydex bodies. Here's why I bought it: I didn't yet know how I wanted to carry (position, height, or cant) and it allows to experiment with all 3 elements of carrying concealed. I also have more than one gun so I can switch bodies and carry something else with the same holster. You can always choose to not tuck a tuckable, but not the other way around - IMO, get a tuckable. As my dress and weight changed, I have switched back and forth between a couple different positions and cants. I haven't found a reason to get another IWB holster, and doubt I will - no holster drawer here.

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    Two words - Rocketman Holsterworks.

    I've carried my G23 in one for years and there is no equal.

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    If you use a holster, you're gonna get some finish wear. It has a lot to do with the dust or debris that gets into your holster, or onto your pistol, and then acts as an abrasive, rubbing on the pistol each time you draw or reholster. If you do a lot of presentations, you'll get more holster wear. In my opinion, holster wear is to be expected, and disregarded as the least important characteristic of a concealed carry holster.

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    Welcome to the forum.

    I like leather and I like High Noon Public Secret holsters. I like to carry my G-23 appendix IWB.

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    There are tons of good holsters and belts out there. Pick the material based on what you like. Finish wear is going to happen to some degree no matter what. And definitely get a good gunbelt. It will help support your new Glock no matter which holster you choose. Good luck.

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    I know you mentioned a tuckable holster, but here's a reasonably priced IWB that I use for a Glock 19. It's made by Bob Durbin in NY. Unfortunately, Bob doesn't have a web site. It has a 7 degree cant and is cow hide. I purchased this from Bob and had it in 4 days! Price was $60.00 plus $5.00 shipping.

    You'll get a thousand answers to your question since there are so many holsters and so many users! It's not easy to decide and there is no such thing as "only one" holster to do it all! Good luck on your choice.....

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    I see you are in the south so I recommend a Crossbreed Supertuck Deluxe in Horsehide accompanied by the Crossbreed belt. 2 weeks to try it or get your money back, lifetime warranty, made in the USA, comfortable, and tuckable. Around these here parts "holster wear" is a plus. If you have a pistol that you are worried about holster wear keep it out of any and all holsters.
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    My favorite IWB for G23 is Ace Case $10. I ran a couple of stitches through it to fine tune the fit. It's been 3 yrs EDC, and I've got two more behind it.

    For OWB, you can't beat Serpa Blackhawk

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    Although I use a DeSantis Dual Carry for my G26 IWB, I second the horsehide idea. Kydex does rub off the finish quickly and it's noisy. Never know when you might need to quietly or discreetly draw.

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    I like Comp-Tac's holsters for my larger guns. I have a CTAC for the G19. I didn't like the MTAC hybrid. Too much leather for me.

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