I've recently bought several new handguns and have holsters for some and waiting for a few others to be made and shipped to me, but for now I'd like something cheap and fast to get. I saw a youtube video of a guy showing a pellet gun nylon holster for the taurus judge the I will grab if I find the right one at Wally World. I believe it was a Crosman pellet gun holster model HASO2 if I remember right, crappy but serviceable since that wheel gun is going to be used for the slithering kinda snakes rather than the 2 legged kind. I'm going to be checking the holsrter link page here for a good quality OWB field type holster as this thing will never be CC'd by me ever.
I also am looking for a good field holster again OWB as it'll never be CC'd for my new Beretta Neo U22 with a 6.5" barrel I'll be adding a scope to this puppy very soon as well. Does anyone know if I could get by with a Ruger scoped Mark I/II/III holster? I've been eyeballing this Ruger Mk 1 / Ii / Iii Scoped Holster, Holsters, C.O.W.S., Ruger at Sportsman's Guide for a l;ittle while but can't seem to find any info if it'd fit my 22 or not. I know it's doubtful but I guess it's worth asking you gun guru's what you think. As always any help is appreciated and thanks for any input in advance.

P.S. this is the Judge holster video I mentioned earlier also. I hope a few of you guys might find it helpful for a short term holster while ya wait for a "real" one to get back to you. ‪TAURUS JUDGE "PUBLIC DEFENDER"...Immediate Holster Solution...‬‏ - YouTube