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Tex Grebner : SERPA : Bullets to the leg

This is a discussion on Tex Grebner : SERPA : Bullets to the leg within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Very good video. Seems you been in contact with Tex. Wondering if he is okay now and if he has mentioned to you his stance ...

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Thread: Tex Grebner : SERPA : Bullets to the leg

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    Very good video. Seems you been in contact with Tex. Wondering if he is okay now and if he has mentioned to you his stance on a serpa holster now as well as training back to back with 2 different holsters and guns.
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    A mechanical release using the trigger finger to depress a button located in the general area of the actual trigger...
    Almost as bad as the old spring loaded clamshell holsters from the 60's where the "SECRET" release button was actually located inside the trigger guard...

    OMO but not for me!


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    I like the SERPA. I own several and I carry in them. My hands are not as large as yours and as a result the holster works PERFECTLY for me. I have never had a problem with it. And as I have said, I had to draw from mine for real in 2009 and it functioned perfectly. Allowed me to beat the scum bag to the draw and as a result I was able to prevail with no shots fired.

    I can see how some could have issues with the holster but for me, they would exactly as they were designed. I will continue to use them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gasmitty View Post
    You won't have to look far to find reports of gravel and other debris tying up a Serpa. Trying to make it happen yourself is like trying to get your car to make "that" noise when you have it in the shop.
    New or old design? Blackhawk took reports of debris causing issues, and modified the design, I'm yet to find the updated model having any issues after a youtube search. And it's like simulating a malfunction for training, it's something that needs to be practiced if I can anticipate it being a remote possibility, and I cannot duplicate it; at least with my Glock I can use some snap caps or pull the trigger spring to simulate a parts failure.
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    Chris Cerino, who I would say is a respected LEO firearms instructor and even appeared on Top Shot (not that this qualifies someone as an expert). He had an AD with the SERPA which resulted in a wound quite similar in nature to the one Tex had.

    Here's what he had to say about it:

    When you engage in dangerous activities sometimes you get hurt. I didn't hurt anyone but myself. It was a learning experience.
    I was using a new holster (serpa) which requires me to use my trigger finger to unlock the retention device.

    When the button didn't work I pushed and pulled harder. Look at what your fingers do when you grip something harder and pull harder.
    The trigger finger slipped into the trigger guard and carried on thru the trigger. I shot myself high in the front of my pelvis and down my leg.
    The picture of his wound:

    So we have a relatively inexperienced shooter having nearly the same experience (flubbing the draw, pushing harder, finger drops to trigger, gun discharges) as a highly trained and respected firearms instructor.
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    M-Arms nice video, its give the folks here a chance to make up there mind, on whether to use or not to use a sherpa.
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    I use a SERPA...at home and deployed. I train with it. I works for me. YMMV
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    Excellent video!

    Thanks for posting it.

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    Just got a 1911 and a BH retention holster for it. Thank you for posting this video and bringing this issue to our attention. One thing that stood out on Tex's video was that he had/has 2 different types of retention holsters and practiced with both the same day. I think it would mix me up a little too. The tip that stood out on the MAC video was to not cant the holster forward - keep it straight down and your finger stays straight (I'll be changing mine). My retention holsters, for XD and 1911, are the same platform and I practice drawing with them the same way (with the exception of having to release the thumb safety to fire on the 1911). I won't be giving up on my Serpas but I'll make extra sure I get the muscle memory to avoid the trigger finger curl.

    It's interesting Tex said he practiced many times and this still happened. Goes to show we are not perfect (only the man above is).
    Stay safe.
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