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Unreinforced Onehanded Reholstering

This is a discussion on Unreinforced Onehanded Reholstering within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; If you are involved in a shooting, LEO is going to put you face down on the ground. He'll secure your weapon before he cuffs ...

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Thread: Unreinforced Onehanded Reholstering

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    If you are involved in a shooting, LEO is going to put you face down on the ground. He'll secure your weapon before he cuffs you. If he's on his game, he'll cuff everyone he thinks is involved, including the BG bleeding on the ground. Then he'll sort out what's going on. In the aftermath of a shooting you will be in a state of shock from the adrenaline dump and the last thing you should be doing is re-holstering your weapon. The movement of trying to re-holster will most likely get you shot if LE is on the scene...
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    Quote Originally Posted by matthew03 View Post
    OK, I didn't assume you were in an urban setting or that you only had one threat to deal with, odd that you would think that as I certainly didn't state either. What I did state was about re-holstering post threat, that insinuates you are no longer in danger, not that you have a wounded and potentially still active threat to cover. I surely wouldn't place my weapon on the ground, (unless LE were present and instructing me to do so), disarming myself and allowing a bystander or criminal associate of the person shot to pick up my weapon. You are going to be very busy when LE arrives, as will LE and your gun my walk off while they are concentrating on identifying you and what occurred. I'll holster my weapon (one handed) after threat is over, thereby still maintaining my ability to defend myself and also concealing my weapon so that I am not considered an active shooter before I am identified as a GG by LE. LE can remove my gun from it's holster insuring they are in control of the weapon and not someone who picks it up off of the street.
    It makes me laugh that people MUST be right. IN my mind, there is no right or wrong when it comes to when and how you reholster. Every situation will have hundreds of different variables, each that might cause a different reaction or action. Whether I choose to reholster or not will depend on so many factors we can debate it all till we both pass out and there still won't be a clear answer. It is kind of like asking "what is your favorite color" and then telling me I am wrong. You do what you want, I will do what I want. K?

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    Welcome to the forum OP.

    I personnally cannot reholster anywhere near as well with an un-renforced mouth on a holster.

    Go holster shopping and with your unloaded double checked handgun try each type holster for yourself.

    A re-enforced holster mouth is better than a non re-enforced holster mouth either IWB or OWB.

    Anytime you reholster your handgun it makes the process easier and safer using either one or two hands.

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