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Review: Raven Concealment Systems

This is a discussion on Review: Raven Concealment Systems within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by sjones I noticed the holster printing.I could see the pistol grip with the least movement,so it would be a no go for ...

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Thread: Review: Raven Concealment Systems

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    Quote Originally Posted by sjones View Post
    I noticed the holster printing.I could see the pistol grip with the least movement,so it would be a no go for me. sj
    Concealment is a combination of the type of pistol you have, the holster and the cover garment(s). The shirts I wear in the videos aren't well suited for concealing larger pistols given their tight fit and the light weight of the fabric. I wear loser fitting shirts when I want to hide something like a G19. You can buy the most concealable IWB holster on the market but when you try to hide a G19 under a tight fitting shirt it will print. Also consider the fabric, softer/lighter fabrics tend to wrap around objects and show more defined lines than a more course fabric.

    You can also shift the holster further behind your hip to better hide it under the fall of your shirt. The reason I don't do this is because the further behind your hip you mount a holster, the closer it gets to your spine. Should you get into a scuffle or just fall backwards for some other reason, you can easily injure your back by falling onto a pistol. That's one of the reasons small of the back holsters aren't very popular.
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    I have one Raven Concealment holster and because it has worked so well I ordered another one (different model) for a different gun.

    BUG holster with attached mag holder for my primary weapon (Stock photo). Right now, I have this rig set up for IWB and it is very comfortable. Being of modular design, I can easily change to OWB, tuckable, or remove the mag carrier completely. Very cool!

    My second one should be done any time now as I got my requisite email stating they are charging my credit card and it will be in queue. It was ordered April 9th and got my notice email August 8th. As far as I'm concerned, they are worth the wait.

    Great review Sturmgewehre!
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    Excellent review. I have one of their competitor's holsters that is quickly becoming one of my favorites, (Personal Security Systems) Slightly less expensive and 1/3 the wait time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sjones View Post
    I noticed the holster printing.I could see the pistol grip with the least movement,so it would be a no go for me. sj
    Like MilitaryArms (great review, BTW!) said, concealment is a matter of several different factors coming together. For me - for my specific body-type and the clothes I wear - yes, my full-sized XDm9 in my Raven Phantom (standard) does print (butt of the grip; worn strong-side, 3-o'clock) with my usual Old Navy T-shirt, but it doesn't do so excessively, and it's really not that bad until I start contorting. Switch to my XDm9 3.8 Compact with the flush baseplate short magazine, and those considerations practically disappear. Yet, with just my Marmot rain-slicker on, even the full-sized cannot be seen.

    The Raven isn't my usual concealment holster - it's my "class" holster - but I have worn it to and from many of my training classes, and in none of those instances did anyone I interacted with made comments about my concealed firearm. What I'm trying to say is that I don't really have a dog in this fight , that concealment, for me, with my Raven is really a non-issue: that I'm just here to point out that MilitaryArms and WHEC724 provided valid points for you to consider: that you can't really make that kind of decision, based solely on the appearances of the holster/pistol from just one review, no matter how well the review was done.


    Quote Originally Posted by Dragon_Medic View Post
    it seems like the kydex would be uncomfortable it?
    Like MilitaryArms said, it's different for different individuals.

    I don't find my Raven to be that comfortable - as a matter of fact, unless I absolutely have to, I won't want to wear it IWB.

    But my body-shape/build is different from MilitaryArms', and my level of "comfort" is probably different, too.

    That said, it's not that I completely dislike full-hardshell Kydex or other polymer for IWB carry. I think that, for me, it's just that the Raven doesn't fit my body as well. For example, I consider my Garrett Silent Thunder II (for my Kahr PM9) to be one of my most comfortable IWB holsters, despite the fact that it is full-hardshell Kydex.

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