Residue on Glock after drawing from Super Tuck

This is a discussion on Residue on Glock after drawing from Super Tuck within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hey guys, finally seemed to work my bugs out with my Crossbreed Super Tuck. I noticed something new today. When I draw my Glock, there ...

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Thread: Residue on Glock after drawing from Super Tuck

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    Residue on Glock after drawing from Super Tuck

    Hey guys, finally seemed to work my bugs out with my Crossbreed Super Tuck. I noticed something new today. When I draw my Glock, there are black scrapings on the slide on both side where it is rubbing the kydex. When I whipe them off they are literally black shavings down the slide. Is this the Glock's finish or the kydex coming off?
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    It is the Kydex, I doubt if the Glock finish will rub off in your rig. Give the rig a little more time to set to your pistol, I am sure you will be pleased in the long run.

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    It's another reason I prefer leather, but your kydex is just fine!
    Hurt the Glock? That's a good one...
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    I have had a different manufactures HyBird Holster do the same to my G30. I took a heat gun and warmed the Kydex up to losen the tention it was putting on the gun. It works perfectly.

    It did mar the finish on my G30. I haven't tried to rub it out or anything like that. To me its like what a dent is to my old F250 4X4, Its a Trail Treasure.
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    The above posts are correct! It is indeed Kydex. I've seen it happen from time to time depending on the gun, typically it comes from the corner of the slide just forward of the ejection port. Sometimes you'll see it shave a bit of kydex and then fit perfectly with no more shaving. However, just as the others said, adjusting it should be pretty simple. There's a lot of posts on there that talk about adjusting kydex on hybrid holsters. You can always give Crossbreed a call and I'm sure they would be happy to give some advice on modifying the kydex as well.

    You certainly won't hurt the Glock, although after a nearly a year you may see a bit of finish wear on the tough-as-nails tenifer finish. (I'm convinced that every piece of steel in the world should have this finish)

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    It will be fine, leather holsters will do the same thing on a gun's sharp edges. My Colt Combat Elite has a tendency to eat whatever I carry it in and I often find small shavings of Kydex from a Super Tuck and leather pieces from my High Noon and Bullard Bodyguard around the ejection port, trigger guard, and front slide serration's. Your rig will wear to a point where it fits the weapon and then stop.

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