Hey Guys, I just wanted to introduce myself and my company as a new sponsor of DefensiveCarry.com. My name is Clay, I'm the owner of SHTF Gear LLC holsters. My shop is located in Logan, Utah on historic center street. I've been involved in leather work as a hobby for over ten years, and have been interested in plastic manipulation/manufacturing for about 3 years. I've been making holsters for about a year now and have had a lot of positive reviews on my products.

My holsters are of a hybrid design with a few key features that make them different from others on the market. Most notably is my use of Kevlar stitching and metal rivets. This allows for incredible strength that far exceeds using rivets alone. Additionally, each of my holsters comes with the leather properly sized to allow a full shooting grip prior to the draw, you don't pay extra for that. Each of my holsters comes with a 30 day guarantee, and a lifetime warranty. The warranty also includes free belt clips should they ever stretch or deform.

You can learn a bit more at about my holsters from these two videos.
SHTF Gear ACE-1 Overview - YouTube
How to Wear Your SHTF Gear Holster - YouTube

I'm hoping to apply my military experience to create new products geared to Military and Law Enforcement as the company grows.

Thanks for looking!