Well, I had a bit more time than I thought I would last night, so I was able to wear the new holster (see previous post: New Fist Holster Just Arrived!) for several hours with the gun in it. I'll be posting some of the previous pics again just so that everything is in one spot. You can see this holster on their website at: Untitled Document

First off, here's the pics of the holster as it arrived:


As I mentioned before, the clip cant cutout was rather sloppily done, and there were several spots of dark brown splooge on the stitching that I suspect was from where they burned the stitching to keep it from coming undone.


This holster cost $95.70 (including shipping). It's essentially just 2 thin pieces of molded kydex stitched together with your choice of clip attached.


For the price, I was expecting a bit more.

Once the gun was in it, it was almost impossible to pull it out. I had to yank really hard, and then the holster came out with the gun. It was still attached to my belt, but came out about half way. I had to unclip the holster from my belt, remove it and then fight with it for about 30 seconds to get the gun out. Not something I want to have happen in an emergency. The problem seems to be with the molding of the kydex into the trigger guard - it's pushed too far into the trigger guard. It made for a very secure hold, but not good on the draw. QUALITY/VALUE: 3.6/5

Wearing the holster empty was very comfortable. I had it on for about 6 hours and most of the time I didn't remember it was there. With the gun in it, it was another story. This holster rides higher than any of the others that I have, so it makes the gun sit higher, which makes the gun poke into my belly more when I'm sitting. I had also mentioned that I was considering leaving the clip mount screws loose so that I could adjust the cant more easily (you'll definitely want more of a cant when sitting with this holster - especially, if like me, you have a bit of a paunch), but I don't recommend that. When I took it off that night to put the gun in it, the screws were on the verge of falling out. So you'll want to keep the screws tight, which will make it more difficult to adjust for standing (reduce print through) or sitting (comfort). COMFORT: 3.8/5

Lead time barely made what they say on their website (5-6 weeks). In my opinion, that's a bit excessive for something this simple. Granted, the gun this holster is for (Taurus 617) is not the most common, but they do advertise it as one of the pieces that they support. Again, with how long it took, I was expecting a bit more. LEAD TIME: 3.0/5

Customer service was OK. I contacted them via email about 3 weeks after I placed the order. I purposely emailed them mid-afternoon and waited to see how long it would take them to reply. I had an answer (via email) from them the next morning. Very quick response. The response was short: "Your order is in production. Lead time is 5 to 6 weeks." Kinda made me wonder if this is not a canned response. CUSTOMER SERVICE: 4.0/5

I carry AIWB, and the holster concealed my gun well, when I had it set to straight up/no cant, when I had it adjusted for sitting, it was obvious there was something there:


When I adjusted it for concealment, it didn't show at all (I can only attach 6 pics). However, it's a real pain to have to carry a screwdriver to make the adjustments or risk having the screws fall out. Because it's a single clip holster, I was able to find a compromise that allowed minimal print-through and lessened the discomfort when sitting. If it didn't ride so high, I believe this would be much less of an issue for those of us that carry as I do. I believe that it may not be as much of an issue for those who carry in other positions, although I did notice a tendency for the gun to tilt outward after bending over - the holster rode up. CONCEALMENT: 4.1/5

So there you have it. Overall, I give the Fist K8-4 a 3.7/5 rating. Keep in mind that I've only rated this holster for AIWB. That being said, I'll be looking elsewhere for my next holster.