Ordered an ACE-1 holster from SHTF for a weapon not on their list. Beretta PX4 Compact. Received the holster from SHTF Gear only slightly longer than the posted time frame (Yeah, he made my left-handed holster right-handed the first time, but caught it before he shipped it). Tried my pistol in the new holster and could not remove it. After posting my problem on this forum, and receiving several suggestions for solution, I discovered the front sight was hanging up on the bottom of the holster on the draw.

I contacted Clay about the matter and he was very concerned. He told me it had been his first PX4 Compact and that he wanted to make it right. I was able to take some photos and send them to Clay along with my observations. Clay was eager to make things right and sent me another holster in short order.

I appreciate Clay's rapid response to my situation and I really have to say my new SHTF ACE-1 holster is working out great. If you have a firearm that is not on SHTF Gear's list, do not give up. Let them know what you have and they can probably work it out.