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I'm not looking for specific brand/model recommendations (although that would be welcome) but am interested in hearing opinions about what to look for in an IWB. I'm sure it varies based on body shape, size, handgun, etc. but trying to get some good rules of thumb before I go shopping. I currently carry a Smith and Wesson M&P 9mm compact OWB.
Hello fellow Masshole, The generic stuff is get a holster made for YOUR gun, not a one size for 15 guns type holster. I carry both my G26 (same size as your M&P) and a M&P40 FS in Kholster Crescents. Very comfortable, very well made and very affordable. I'm in the market now for a nice leather one, but for $50 you can't beat it. Also make sure whatever you get holds it's shape if the gun is draw and can't come unhooked by drawing. I would also recommend getting one that is tuckable.