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Belly Band holster is the best for tucking. The best, Jerry.

This is a discussion on Belly Band holster is the best for tucking. The best, Jerry. within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; You know this won't sound good, but it's true: late in the day, after I've been at the computer screen all day, my eyes play ...

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Thread: Belly Band holster is the best for tucking. The best, Jerry.

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    You know this won't sound good, but it's true: late in the day, after I've been at the computer screen all day, my eyes play tricks on me. On my first pass I did not read the title of this thread correctly.

    But it got my attention.
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    For me belly band's are just a torture device;) Back when I started carrying I had one that I used here and there, but I wasn't carrying all the time. One day I decided to carry to work, which I usually didn't do. I worked 11 hour shifts in sales on my feet, so that morning I put on the belly band. About 2 hours into the day I was just dying, I couldn't adjust other than in the bathroom, couldn't get the thing comfortable at all for me. Kept moving it around and I survived the day but the instant I got in the car that night I took that thing off and I don't think I've even used it since that day. Seemed like a good idea but it didn't work at all for me, compared to the comfort I get now with my own rigs I wouldn't wear one if someone payed me to.

    That said what works for one person may not work for another, I think one of the problems was the constant pressure on my waist, I prefer my pants/belt to be just a little loose. If it's tight it seems to give me more pain etc and the belly band just seemed to aggravate every pressure point for me. So in other words if it works for you, great:)

    Take care!

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    I got a BB for wearing with sweats or athletic shorts. Works great for that, but I haven't found myself choosing to wear it with normal street clothes.
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    In nearly 20 years of carrying, the Belly Band is the only carry method that ever dropped one of my firearms. Ever.

    Also, the only thing that was easily carried in a Belly Band for me was light weight revolvers/LCP, etc..

    There have been very few times that a Comp-CTAC hasn't worked perfectly in tuckable situations for me and when the rare occasion does occur, I pocket carry my S&W MP 340.
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    I've had my Belly Band for at least 6 years and for me it's the only way to carry. It gives me the most flexibility and options. I carry a Glock 30 in it everyday, all day, and the gun has never fallen out. I can adjust the holster until the gun is comfortable against my waist. If it ever starts to get uncomfortable, I can go in the rest room and make an adjustment. But generally I wear the belly band for at least 12 hours a day and don't feel any discomfort.

    Here are the main reasons I like it:

    1. Can be worn in any position around the waist.
    2. Can be worn with the gun completely under the pants and belt.
    3. Can be worn with a shirt tucked completely over it.
    4. Can be worn with the grip above the belt and a shirt covering it.
    5. Gun is held tightly to waist, maintaining very low profile.
    6. Can also hold money and clips.
    7. Can accommodate a wide variety of guns and completely covers the trigger area.
    8. Can be adjusted to accommodate your waist.
    9. Can be slid up or down in the restroom with no need to worry about where to put the holster.

    I carry my Glock 30 in the belly bend when I work out at the gym. Sweatpants with grip over the top of the sweatpants, sweatpants tied in front, shirt over the gun. I can lift, run, and do other exercises with nothing showing.

    I was reading an article the other day about being able to shoot with your weak hand, and I thought of another reason why the belly band is so useful. If my shooting hand is disabled, I can use my weak hand to pull the belly band around until the gun is accessible to my hand. No having to struggle to reach around my waist to get the gun out of a leather or Kydex holster.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bentcursor View Post
    I've had my Belly Band for at least 6 years
    Which belly band do you own?

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    Here's the one I bought. Belly Band Concealment Holster-Large 35"-40": Sports & Outdoors
    If you've ever used a tuckable holster, as I have, you may have also found the process of tucking your shirt to be a bit clumsy. That may be because I don't tuck very often, or I may just be shirt tuck-challenged. In any case, when I have to tuck a shirt, I no longer consider my other holsters. The BB will carry my Springfield XDm-45 or my Colt full sized 1911.
    I also found the name of this holster to be a little objectionable, but I've adjusted to it. My wife still has fun referring to my girdle, though!
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    I have one. Its GREAT with light weight guns like my S&W Airweight. Not so great with heavier ones like my G27.
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    i have one from galco that i have carried my sig 226 elite and cz p07 and even my full sized 1911 comfortably. The rail on my sig and cz makes holstering and definitely unholstering slow as it catches some but i dont plan on re holstering alot

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    3 Speed Holster

    I have Gone this route. Same basic ideal though with this I can deep conceal too.
    Belly Band holster is the best for tucking.  The best, Jerry.-dscn4581.jpg

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    So, when is someone going to create "Spanx" with a holster and mag slot?
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    I use the Air Marshall 3, Kangaroo Carry holster. I've used it every day for over a year now and I love it. Conceales very well and most important, it's comfortable. I carry a Smith Model 19 that weighs over 30 Oz. I always put it on over a under shirt. It comes in Black or Cream Color. Have tried the BB and it's just not comfortable for me.
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