What position do you carry? You know like 2:00 etc.

This is a discussion on What position do you carry? You know like 2:00 etc. within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I am new to CCW. Had my card for a month or so. I suppose it is a personal thing but wondered what position people ...

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    8 4.76%
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    18 10.71%
  • 3:30

    48 28.57%
  • 4:00

    42 25.00%
  • 4:30

    24 14.29%
  • 5:00

    4 2.38%
  • None of these

    27 16.07%
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Thread: What position do you carry? You know like 2:00 etc.

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    What position do you carry? You know like 2:00 etc.

    I am new to CCW. Had my card for a month or so. I suppose it is a personal thing but wondered what position people carry. I am not sure yet was at the 2:30 now at 4:30.
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    3 o'clock is the most comforting for me.
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    None of the above, Lefty, I carry around 10:00 or 10:30. Or behind the hip at 8:00.

    -- Richard
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    About 3:15!
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    Right at 3:38:30...there's a little niche right there where the gun seems to disappear.
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    AIWB, so it would be somewhere between 1:00 and 2:00. Easiest and fastest position carry position.
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    Finally settled on 4:30 strongside with a 25 degree cant after several months of practice draws. You'll find what's right for you & your rig.
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    Was tempted to just say "Standing up"! But I'll answer honestly at about 3:30.
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    This will depend solely on *your* perceived comfort/access/retention requirements, which will be unique to you, as an individual person.

    What will bias your selection will be based heavily on your body build, your daily activities, as well as both the physical size of the gun you carry as well as how your support gear (everything from the holster to the belt, to suspenders, and yes, even your pants and cover garment) plays out.

    I'm about 6 ft. tall, a porky :embarrassed: 250 lbs on a medium frame - that means I have a bit of overhang on the front, and because of that, AIWB is uncomfortable for me unless I don't plan to sit or bend forward at the waist, all day...that's unfortunate, since I can honestly easily conceal a full-sized autopistol there, with no difficulties at all, with my usual clothing.

    While I am of the body-type that would make carry at 4-4:30 very good for concealment, I elected not to carry there due to concerns for retention as well as the fact that I am often seated throughout the day, along with the fact that in being the father of a young child, I am often lowering myself (instead of bending over, which makes printing/exposing even more likely) to reach for dropped items, etc.

    I carry at my 3'o-clock, with a severe forward cant.

    But YMwillV.

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    3 O'clock for me
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    2 o'clock-ish
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    Quote Originally Posted by rick21 View Post
    AIWB, so it would be somewhere between 1:00 and 2:00. Easiest and fastest position carry position.
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    Had to vote none as I am a dedicated lefty. 8:00 works best for me.
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    Had to vote none as I am a dedicated lefty. 7:30 to 8:00
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    When my holster gets here in April I plan on the 4 o'clock but may have to play with it a little. It will depend on where the gun rides the best. All I can offer is to try the diff positions you think you may like for at least a week and see what fits you best. Make sure you gun is unloaded, ammo in the other room or better yet locked up and make numerouse draws and reholsters from the positions you think you would preferr. When you find the one that allows the best grip, presentation, and reholster you know you have found what fits your needs. Goo luck ad safe shooting.

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