Does anyone carry a 6 inch barrel revolver? How and Where?

Does anyone carry a 6 inch barrel revolver? How and Where?

This is a discussion on Does anyone carry a 6 inch barrel revolver? How and Where? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have a Colt King Cobra 6" which probably my favorite gun, I have never carried it because it is pretty long and kind of ...

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Thread: Does anyone carry a 6 inch barrel revolver? How and Where?

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    Does anyone carry a 6 inch barrel revolver? How and Where?

    I have a Colt King Cobra 6" which probably my favorite gun, I have never carried it because it is pretty long and kind of heavy. But I am thinking that since it is the winter I can easily carry a larger gun underneath my jacket. I also am thinking that on days (even in summer) that I ride my motorcycle I can fairly easily conceal it under my riding jacket.

    So I have a couple of questions which I am hoping the fine people here can help with.

    1) Anyone know a holster maker that makes one for the King Cobra. It would fit pretty well in a holster made for a Python I do believe.
    2) For those of you that do carry 6" wheel guns, I am curious on the how and where of it.

    CO is an open carry state so it doesn't necessarily need to be concealed perfectly, especially on my motorcycle, so any experience or advice would be appreciated.



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    I really can't offer any advice, because I don't have a pistol that big to carry.

    I do carry a 5" 1911, though. But, it's probably a bit easier because it's so flat.

    Have you considered a shoulder rig?

    Check out the Guide's Choice rig. That's what I would get if I was sportin' a hog leg
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    I comfortably carry my 5 & 1/2 inch Ruger Redhawk .44 Magnum in a shoulder holster made by Jackass (really, that was their name). I have no idea whether they are still in business.

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    neither is a carry gun but my 6" Colt 32 Long Colt. Target D.A.

    and an original one owner Dan Wesson 357 14-V 6", 4" and 2"

    both are excetionally fine target guns.
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    Only in the field when hunting or hiking. The weight isn't a problem but rather keeping it out of sight and off the car seat. I don't have any high-rise version of a holster that will allow a 6-inch revolver to be effectively concealed. Might be nice to give it a try if someone makes a holster suggestion.
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    OWB open carry at our farm, or when camping & fishing trout in the mountains.
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    The six inch barrel requires a cover garment long enough for concealment. It can be done but is generally not practical for concealed carry. Open carry in the back country, home defense, and fun at the range are best uses for your 6" Colt.
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    In cold weather I sometimes carry a 6 1/2" S&W 25 in a desantis shoulder holster or a Kramer owb holster. The jacket covers things well. If you are going to be sitting in public [eating, etc] the shoulder holster is easier to keep concealed.


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    You can carry it in the cold months CCW in a vertical shoulder holster under a jacket easy. I carry a 4 inch smith k frame that way sometimes in the winter. In a vertical shoulder holster that 2 more inches should not be a problem..

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    M-66 Tarus. 7 inch barrel. It is a set up hunting revolver. (7) .357 hot loads. I am a big boy and it just gets lost in my 'hoodie flannel' or oversized sports jacket.

    I would like to carry my SR-.44 Blackhawk Mag (with 300 grain Bear Loads - yeah, real hot and fun) if I could, but it gets way too obvious in business attire. Better to just have around the house when making bird houses or cooking hot dogs.... yuck, yuck.

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