Anyone use the Desantis Pro Stealth?

Anyone use the Desantis Pro Stealth?

This is a discussion on Anyone use the Desantis Pro Stealth? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I am looking at an IWB for my SA XD-45....and I like the looks of this one... Anyone have anything to say about it?? ...

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Thread: Anyone use the Desantis Pro Stealth?

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    Anyone use the Desantis Pro Stealth?

    I am looking at an IWB for my SA XD-45....and I like the looks of this one...

    Anyone have anything to say about it?? I like that it has a spare mag holder in the holster itself....anyone? Anyone? Bueller??

    Thanks all!!
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    Hi CubSmurf -- I didn't buy the n87, but I did buy the Tuck-This holster (n91 model). It is basically the same thing but allows you to adjust the cant on the holster. I was really, really glad that I got that one because I ended up adjusting the cant forward by about 15-20% which made it very concealable and comfortable. They have a "J" hook mount which got in the way of my 5" grip (Taurus 24/7 .45) big time, so I left it with the regular hook (the one shown in the pic on their site) which made all the difference... In fact, I'm wearing it as I write this. lol

    The Tuck-This is pretty comfortable and will eventually "mold" to your body because it's flexible. The hook goes over your pants/shorts easy and you can tuck a shirt in between the gun and the hook if you ever want to. (Personally I would need a smaller gun to do that. lol) You can also use the hex key (included) to move it to the other side of your body without a problem. It's a few cents cheaper and allows you to change the cant, so if you're going with the Pro Stealth, might as well get the Tuck-This instead with the tucking, cant adjust and ability to switch sides of the body.


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    I picked one up for my wife to fit her Bersa .380, neither one of us has any complaints, I prefer leather myself but that's just personal preference. De Santis makes good stuff.

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    I have one

    I use one for a P2000sk and a 4" 1911 (same one). This is only for easy on, easy off. It doesn't conceal well, is a straight drop so the butt stick out a bit and seems a little thick. I never use the spare mag carrier. For what it costs and what I use it for it's good. I would never concider this my "standard" carry rig however.

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    I carry my XD9 Service in a Pro Stealth along with the extra mag. In fact, it's sitting right next to me on the table as I write this reply. This has been my standard carry rig for the last year or so. It hangs from my Jay-Pee duty belt and I have had no issues with it at all. It's plenty comfortable for me in all weather conditions, it's easy for me to draw from, and it was very affordable for me at the time I bought it. The clip is easy to use and keeps the holster exacetly where I place it. I shift it a little bit when I get into my truck so the barrel doesn't jam my crotch or my leg, but it's certainly comfortable enough in that position for long drives and still easy to draw from while belted in and sitting in my truck.

    The only real downside to the holster is that it can be very tought o reholster using one hand. Due to the material it is made from, the mouth of the holster will close up after the draw and it is much easier to reholster using both hands. It can be done with one, but I feel there is too much shoving around with the barrel to get the holster open. Other than that, I can certainly reccomend the Pro Stealth as an affordable, comfortable, and easy to use holster. Would I like to buy a leather holster later on? Absolutely. Will I relegate the Pro Stealth to the "holster toy box" when I upgrade? Absolutely not. I'll continue to use my Pro Stealth since I have had such great luck with it.

    Hope that helps!
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    I'm an OWB guy so take this for what it's worth.

    I have the Pro Stealth and have used it on occasion IWB. I like its portability. As another poster said, it's quick to take on and off. I have to adjust the holster forward because straight up and down is just not that comfortable. Once I tighten my belt, the holster generally stays in that position until I sit down. If you can live with having to move it around every so often, this is a decent holster for the price.

    The nylon material is not hot and I think the extra mag carrier is an excellent feature. It's not only an easy place to put your spare but also helps secures the holster in place. Because the material is more flexible than leather, you can put the spare mag in front of your hip bone and the gun at 3:30 behind it, essentially wrapping the holster around your hip. This is a relatively comfortable way of carrying and keeps it from sliding around like other cheaper IWB models.

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    I have this for my Walther P99C. It was one of the few choices I had to get a quick holster for this gun while I wait for a custom to be made.

    I have to say I really do not like this holster. First off, if you firearm does not have a manual safety, the holster is a little flimsy. I am not yet comfortable carrying it with one in the chamber.

    Also, I think holster and mag in one unit is too much. I print way to much.

    Lastly, you CANNOT reholser after you draw. I found, I had to take off my belt and go threw the whole motion to reholser.

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    I have a Desantis Tuck- this I am willing to part with cheap. It was originally bought to use with a PT 140 Taurus , but should fit a XD as well. I sold the PT and have no use for this holster.
    BUT, personally I did not find the Tuck- this to be steady enough. For me it rocked too much when I walked.
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