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Are thumb breaks OK? new shooter

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Thread: Are thumb breaks OK? new shooter

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    With practice it won't slow you down even one little bit.
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    A Strap on a holster is so u don't lose ur weapon either by a gun grab or some other activity such as running causing it to work its way up and out of the holster. My LE dept. used them for the 30 years while I was working. Every year in training we reviewed firearms retention from gun grabs. I feel that anyone that open carries they need to have their weapon in a retention type holster. Deadly business in a world of fools...But then again I don't and won't open carry as a citizen so as not to show the BG my hand in advance. But my experience is just MHO nothing more.

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    If you use a shoulder rig it will have a retention strap. As noted above, its a matter of practice.
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    I have a retention strap on the leather holster I use for my XD9 Subcompact with the Viridian C5L. Once you practice with it for a while, releasing the retention strap becomes second nature. For the heck of it, I used it in a IDPA competition back in December and it didn't slow me down one bit or provide any other problems. As Richard58 said, it is all personal preference. Some are for it while others are dead-set against it. The only way to really know YOUR feelings is to give it a try and see what you think.
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    I like thumb breaks on my on waist band holsters. But for the most part if you are concealing the gun, then it is not necessary. I would suggest training with a thumb holster if you plan to carry that way. It will become second nature and not slow you down.

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    New member for only a few days and must admit, it's addicting. Lucky for me I have something to keep me busy while recovering from surgery. Anyway, on holsters. Call me cheap if you wish, but so far my favorite for OWC is the Blackhawk Serpa--fairly inexpensive (as low as $29.00 to $69.99), very secure and easy to release. All my other holsters have some sort of retention

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    IMO it is not necessary if you carry IWB and have a quality holster.
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    I'm less opposed to a thumb-break for a revolver or exposed hammer/manual safety automatic. I just don't like the idea of reholstering a glock with with two straps (as well as shirt blouse) waiting to get in your trigger guard. jmho.
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    If the difference between life and death is a thumb ain't been paying attention to your surroundings.

    I usually use open top...but I do have one thumb break for my belonged to my dad and he carried his DS in for close to 40 if it worked for him, well, you get the point...

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    I do things, even if carrying concealed... that a good quality holster doesn't do it.

    Just learn to use it right, you don't undo or unsnap it and then draw. It's all in how you go to grab your gun and using your thumb to push it open as you do .... all in one motion. It will not slow you down at all if done correctly. And in many cases and situations I'm in, it adds some important retention.

    You can also find out about good quality holsters, if you get jumped and are in a fight ..... and what retention means. Hopefully your situational awareness is good enough that doesn't happen, but you never know.

    Unfortunately, I've seen too many situations of ..... whatever it is you didn't plan for, is exactly what will happen.
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