Holster vs money spent

Holster vs money spent

This is a discussion on Holster vs money spent within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; So what does a $100+ holster deliver that a cheaper holster does not? Let us keep the holsters in question to leather, kydex, or hybrid ...

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Thread: Holster vs money spent

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    Holster vs money spent

    So what does a $100+ holster deliver that a cheaper holster does not? Let us keep the holsters in question to leather, kydex, or hybrid please.

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    Kramer delivers an absolutely perfect fit in a holster custom made for your firearm. They are beautifully made. Mitch Rosen holsters also fit the bill and are a little less expensive than Kramer. I've got both and I wouldn't get anything else. I tried cheaper holsters and they just don't compare.

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    In my experience, a $75 (or less) hybrid is just as comfortable, if not more so than some of the $100+ rigs.

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    I spent $150 for a Pure Kustom Black Ops Pro. If I ever wear it out, I would buy another one.
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    In kydex, not much. In leather, quite a bit more. With leather, the extra cash goes toward artistry and craftsmanship.

    That isn't to say you can't get a nice leather holster for less. It just means that generally, a more expensive holster will be "nicer".

    That is just a rule of thumb. Exceptions apply.
    *WARNING - I may or may not know what I am talking about.

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    Theis Holsters are very nice they have a lifetime warranty and a very good price for the quality Holster vs money spent-100_5289.jpg

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    It really depends on what holsters we're talking abut, I really like some UBG products (around $70) but my Milt Sparks rigs ($120ish) just have better fit to them, when the gun is inserted, you can feel the gun "click" in, my other leather holsters such as UBG, Galco, DeSantis, and Don Hume don't do that.

    In terms of Kydex, it depends. A lot of people confuse injection molded polymer and Kydex, they are much different.

    In Kydex holsters there are differing thicknesses of materials, different "feels" and I've noticed that the higher costing options have nicer finishing touches done to them, the big thing for me is where the two pieces meet to form an edge. Some holster are done poorly and you can see, feel, and wince at the edging. Others feel like glass. My Kydex from Invictus and Cane and Derby are superb. Some of my early rigs from Bladetech were not so nice.

    Then you have these hybrid monstrosities like the K-holster etc., I'm even critical of the Crossbreed products where they use a massive scrap of leather that's not fit to sole a shoe with and mount Kydex to it with enough rivets to skin an aircraft...and no backing between you and the rivets...Not all of those hybrids are that bad, but when you look at the back of a Supertuck and a an MTAC



    You can see where the extra money goes...

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    My favorite holster is a Don Hume J.I.T. slide. I have one for Glock 19/26, one for Kahr PM9, one for Ruger LCR, and one for XD9sc. They cost less than $30 and I don't see a thing wrong with them.
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    there are some very good and very bad inexpensive holsters out there just as there are very good and bad expensive holsters the trick is finding what works best for you.
    For example the $12 plastic glock holster is an excellent OWB holster for glocks, also for less than $30 you can get a remora holster that is a great IWB. I also use an mid priced custom horsehide holster that works well for some of my guns.

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    Many DC members know that I really like the Fist holster selections. HOLSTERS

    They are made with quality leather, that's an important start. These are quality holsters that wear quite well for many years.
    They are 'boned' to fit individual guns, and that means excellent fit.
    Prices are reasonable, and delivery is pretty quick...usually 4-6 weeks.

    There are many fine holster makers on this forum...there are many fine holster makers pushed by members. Are most of them great holsters?...most definitely!
    You'll soon find that many of us find that holster niche and tend to push what we like, and that's certainly fine with me. Just like trucks, some swear by Ford, some by Chevy, some by Dodge, etc...it's a personal decision.
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    Put it this way. All inexpensive holsters and expensive holsters aren't created equal. Find the ones you have interest in the ask about those. JMO
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    A holster that works for one person may not work for another due to many factors.

    Custom allows you flexibility to have what you want vs taking what is available and trying to make it work.

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    You just wont know truly until you have one.

    The best answer is craftsmanship, retention and durability.
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