How many have tried this?

How many have tried this?

This is a discussion on How many have tried this? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I am a gun enthusiast to the point I am always seeing something new (gun related) and wondering if I could do that. I wanted ...

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Thread: How many have tried this?

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    How many have tried this?

    I am a gun enthusiast to the point I am always seeing something new (gun related) and wondering if I could do that. I wanted to know how many of you ever tried to make your own holster. I see great looking holsters all the time and always want to try new ones. How does one get started making holsters? Any suggestions on where to find material? What tools are needed? Can anyone (learn to) do it?
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    You can go to the Tandy leather factory website below and find all the instructional videos you need to cover all the basics of leathercraft (in the "leathercraft library") - plus all the equipment and leather you can afford.

    Tandy Leather Factory Store Locations - Tandy Leather Factory

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    I have made several over the years. Springfield Leather, in Springfield, Missouri has a very large selection, and lots of help. Google them for leather, supplies, books, etc. Very helpful. I quit Tandy Leather a long long time ago, when they decided to downsize, and took on Radio Shack as a partner. Their selections, the last time I looked were very sparce. Build up your own holster, it's not as hard as it looks.

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    I made some from Tandy patterns years ago...then we lost our store and my fingers lost some dexterity. I keep thinking I'll make another some day, but the day never seems to come...
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    Check out Stand by... in the holster section of the Forums. You should find all the info you need.

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    i am going to start soon. My wife has a high waist which presents a problem when she tries to draw. I want to make her a holster that will make her draw easier.

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