After doing constant carry for about two weeks, still with the cheap Uncle Mike's IWB, I'm finding that I like 4 o'clock for most activities, but if I'm in and out of the car, up and down from the desk, etc, it beats up my kidney. Cross draw at 10-11 feels very comfortable for car-desk, and is ok for other stuff. 1-2 o'clock appendix isn't comfortable at all.

After reading lots of remarks here and elsewhere, I think the Crossbreed SuperTuck would be a good EDC holster for me, except that a lot of people say it doesn't work well for cross draw. I guess that's because the canted mount of the kydex is difficult to overcome with the clip adjustments? Are there similar holsters for cross draw? I'm not turning up much.

One thing I'm pretty sure I want is full coverage against the body behind the gun as offered by the CBST, Double Phalanx, and such (which might make 4 o'clock more tolerable). Thus the highly adjustable Black Ops Pro doesn't seem to be for me. I also think I like J clips for the unobtrusiveness. I'm carrying a Smith 38-3 Airweight and just ordered an LCR XS .38, so gun weight is not as much of an issue as with a 1911 or such.

Thanks for any and all advice. I realize I'll likely end up buying more than one holster, but would like to avoid "drawerful" syndrome.

Oh, and this is a great bunch here. The helpfulness and lack of snarkiness is refreshing.