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This is a discussion on my 1st caryy within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Much can be learned here. Stick around and you will....

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Thread: my 1st caryy

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    Much can be learned here. Stick around and you will.

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    Carrying is like driving. A bit nerve wracking when first getting used to it. Always waiting for something to go wrong. The constant tugging of the shirt or coat. Waiting for the clatter of the iron hitting the ground, or the scream of somebody who read the serial number through your winter coat. Keep it secure, and keep it hidden. Most important, keep it secure. A good holster and belt are as important as the gun itself. With a good rig, you will soon quit worrying about the darn thing falling out and hitting the pavement. So far as worrying about being spotted, who cares? The kind of person that will spot you knows what to look for; in other words, most likely carries themselves. This fear of being pegged will disappear soon enough, but only if you carry. Oh yeah: avoid the furtive glances around to see if anybody is staring at you. Makes you look like a shoplifter.

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    I didn't have a "high." I went to a late movie alone. The movie was bad and I felt cheated out of two hours of my life. But I was wearing a J Frame at 4:00 and I barely noticed it was there, so that was some consolation.

    I had checked out the holster, it's retention, and whether the gun printed. All checked out ok, so I wasn't really self conscious. I think it's important have confidence in your rig. I'll wear something new around the house to make sure no accidents occur (e.g., gun coming out due to poor fit, holster working loose, etc.) and that it's relatively comfortable before I use it in public.

    There are a lot of good and relatively inexpensive holsters our there. As I have said before, at least holsters are cheaper than guns, so you can try a few of them to find the one the fits you best without breaking the bank. (And yes, everyone here has a holster that is way cooler than yours. You'll need to get over that).

    As others have said, the "novelty" wears off quickly. When I am without my carry I have the same feeling as when I'm out driving and I realize I have forgotten my cell phone - annoyed, but not especially vulnerable. Get a good rig so you know it's secure and it will quickly become second nature.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ram Rod View Post
    You need better gear, a more serious outlook, more responsibility, etc...... Carry is not a game, nor is it a booster. You need to come down from that feeling of God as well. At this point I'm thinking you're a spammer or that you're under-educated and gung-ho. Many of us here are serious about CC. Please come back when you are more aligned with the cause.

    I carry to protect my family. Not interested in furthering any cause nor do I think that should be a factor in ones decision to carry a firearm. Carrying a firearm with the intent to announce that you are, simply because you can, makes you look like a trigger happy gun nut. IMO that hurts your "cause."

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    Hang in there, it will be like wearing socks before long.
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    You can educate ignorance, you can't fix stupid
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    Congrats on carrying man, my first few weeks were a bit scary as well and I always felt like people were looking at me. Just know that after a while (and several holsters) your gun becomes a natural part of your EDC and everyone goes back to their own business (because they aren't really looking at you in the first place).

    A note regarding some comments: taking a moment to choose the right words to express yourself can help alleviate misunderstandings ;). Overall, this forum has been a tremendous help in my CC learning experience (3 years and still learning).
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    So what kind of gun are you carrying? What kind of holster? And are you wearing a decent gun belt? These things can have a huge impact on your confidence but more importantly on your ability to truly carry concealed.

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    Xd sub 9mm, just picked up a galco king tuk. Seems very comfortable 1st day with it.

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    [QUOTE=Toorop;2186097]So what kind of gun are you carrying? What kind of holster? And are you wearing a decent gun belt? These things can have a huge impact on your confidence but more importantly on your ability to truly carry concealed.[/QUOTE

    I never realized the importance of a proper belt until I started to carry. It's the foundation for any ccw rig. Hitching up your pants all day long in public is a dead giveaway that you're packing.

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    When I decided to carry, I made the decision that it would be constant carry. I can understand some people having a "high" at first, but I've practiced situational awareness so long and so successfully that it wasn't a factor for me. Actually using a gun is very much a last resort for me, and my decision was prompted mostly by the rising number of incidents where some shooter takes out a bunch of people and is able to do so partly because there's no one there to shoot him.

    OP, I hope you hang around and learn from these folks, as I am. I too had concerns about your maturity and your understanding of what you're doing based on your first post, but the way to correct that is to draw you into the community of responsible firearms carriers, as most responders are trying to do.

    Get comfortable with it. But concentrate on how you can avoid using it, not on how you could use it.
    If you have integrity, nothing else matters.
    If you don't have integrity, nothing else matters.
    --Alan Simpson

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    congrads on your choice to carry
    I would rather live my life as if there is a God,
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    As if there isn't, and die to find out there is.
    God Bless

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrkurt View Post
    Xd sub 9mm, just picked up a galco king tuk. Seems very comfortable 1st day with it.
    Good choice, I have the same firearm and the same holster. (wearing it as I type) Once the leather breaks in and molds to your body it is twice as comfortable. Only thing I had to change is I've started wearing tank top under shirts to keep the slide from digging my side when I'm sitting in my truck, etc. Made it almost unnoticeable. Good luck!

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