I apologize if I missed some great post on this, but I promise I tried searching; my needs feel rather unique, however, and I would appreciate whatever advice you can provide.

I have a Glock 22 (full-sized) and a family member wants to buy me a new holster for my birthday (3/18). I'm not certain what price range he is expecting, but believe around $60-$80 would be reasonable.

Generally, I open carry, but need to conceal on occasion, so my ideal holster would be secure and comfortable for everyday carry, yet able to be concealed reasonably easily and remain fairly comfortable.

Currently, I have found the Galco Double Time and Blade-Tech Hybrid Convertible IWB/OWB, which seem to have the features I want in a price range that would probably work.

The Galco looks great, but is back-ordered, which means it would come well after my birthday, which might pose a problem for my family member.

The Blade-Tech seems to have overall good reviews in my experience, but I can't find anything specific on the hybrid convertible.

Finally, I've also looked at the Minotaur MTAC, which seems great, but doesn't have any way to easily open carry that I can see, short of tucking my shirt into my pants (which doesn't look great with a T-shirt, IMHO).

Does anyone have any experience with these? Any other recommendations?

Much thanks to all.