Ankle carry was the foundation of my carry system awhile ago with similar glock 26. Some thoughts

I disagree with the get what you pay for idea. You can spend three times what a renegade costs and wont get anything more comfortable. More expensive rigs will be bulkier though which is a problem. Strongly suggest twin renegades

I settled on twin renegades with twin Dale fricke zachs which allowed for easier transitions from ankle to pocket and kept my primary and backup guns the same

Suggest avoid the weights and get a second glock and ankle holster for the opposite side

Even if you don't want to go the twin gun route suggest a set of twin ankle holster. Fill the second one with rolls of quarters or whatever. Point is you want to balance the weight as well as the look. Nature expects symmetry. If you cannot list the eye colors of your co workers now, but can remember every or any person you have ever met with different colored eyes, then you know what I mean

Weight of the glocks is an issue I tried a bunch of things but what worked best in the end was white socks first, folded or rolled down to bunch up just above the inner bony protruberance of the ankle, renegade resting muzzle on top of that, the dress socks o er the rig. This is cheap, easy, symmetric, fast, affords a lot of room for error if the pant leg rise high, and the amount of padding provided by the white sock is adjustable by buying different lengths

You don't need a sock underneath the renegade as it's plenty padded

Worked for me but in the end a two gun smartcarry with both glocks secured with Dale fricke sacks offered as much concealment and flexibility to go pocket carry as the ankle route did and was even faster so I don't ankle carry much now