Shoulder holster IRL practicality?

Shoulder holster IRL practicality?

This is a discussion on Shoulder holster IRL practicality? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; How realistic is a shoulder holster, like on cop shows, in the real world? I know it would entail a cross draw. But when it's ...

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Thread: Shoulder holster IRL practicality?

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    Shoulder holster IRL practicality?

    How realistic is a shoulder holster, like on cop shows, in the real world? I know it would entail a cross draw. But when it's slightly cool outside, a nice zippable sweater is easily comfortable to wear inside. So it got me thinking about wearing a shoulder holster. Anyone ever carry these on regular basis? How quick is a draw?

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    It is my opinion that in any condition where you could conceal a shoulder holster, you could also conceal a very comfortable OWB holster, which is much faster to draw from. I think the only advantage to shoulder holsters is if you are driving for a long period of time. YMMV.
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    If you are wearing a suit and want to take the jacket off, a OWB may not be fine

    How about one of those tee shirts that have a holster pocket built in under each arm... Then, just keep one of your shirt buttons under your tie undone for quick draw...
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    A shoulder rig can fit several circumstances where other holsters might not fit the bill. The trick is to fit it well. QKShooter is a regular shoulder rig user - he'll be along to share some ideas too. Jackets, coats and the like can make them very concealable, and to be honest,m I don't know that your draw stroke would be any slower.

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    I carry my Smith & Wesson M&P .40 (full size) in a Galco "Miami Classic" shoulder rig. On the plus side the weapon is very accessible while seated, keeps weight off the waistband, is very secure and is quite accessible even with lots of cold weather gear on simply by partially unzipping my fleece and outer shell. I even wear it while running out to Starbucks while wearing sweatpants and sandals. Also, can hold plenty of ammo with two spare mags providing balance to the pistol's weight. Only downsides are crossdraw is always an obvious move (your SA needs to be amped up), and if you bend over at the waist it will flop away from your body. Also, it's really not doable when summer temps arrive, then I either switch to open carry on a belt holster or (more likely) my G26 in IWB holster at 4:30.

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    Shoulder rigs aren't for everybody - they really fill a specialized requirement. One of the key things about them is the need to be extremely careful with your drawstoke so that you neither cross your own body parts nor anyone else's. Re-holstering has its own risks as well, especially horizontal rigs where the muzzle is going to be pointed behind you where it's difficult to know exactly what's in line with that chambered round.
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    While flying in the military a shoulder holster was the only viable option, the green bag provided few other ways to carry. I carried a Smith Model 10/15 in a Safariland model 19 shoulder holster, similar to the one Steve McQueen used in “Bullitt”. Very comfortable rig I still use today on long road trips.
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    I just sold one of mine. The weight on my neck and shoulders aggravated a previous medical condition and caused muscle tension and headaches. They have applications, but for me, even before said condition, I found shoulder rigs to be very uncomfortable. I mainly used mine for extended periods of surveillance in my car.

    I have a rig that was custom made for me years ago which I will keep, but for me they turned out to be more of a novelty. I won't be wearing one again.
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    I prefer a gun on my waistband. A shoulder holster is just another tool in the box. It is good for some situations and terrible for others. They are great for driving.

    I have an Andrews Monarch that I love. If you want a shoulder holster then look at the Andrews.

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