The New J Frame Revolver LaserMax - Out Yet?

The New J Frame Revolver LaserMax - Out Yet?

This is a discussion on The New J Frame Revolver LaserMax - Out Yet? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Rumor has it that this new LaserMax for the S&W J Frame will mount to the sideplate of the revolver. The LaserMax units are VERY ...

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Thread: The New J Frame Revolver LaserMax - Out Yet?

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    Question The New J Frame Revolver LaserMax - Out Yet?

    Rumor has it that this new LaserMax for the S&W J Frame will mount to the sideplate of the revolver. The LaserMax units are VERY tiny micro miniature (in general) so I'm best guessing that these WILL NOT be in the "handgun grips configuration" but, that you'll be able to keep your preferred grips of choice and still have your J Frame laser outfitted.
    Anybody see the prototype yet? Just curious.


    LaserMax's New Revolver Sight to "WOW" the Industry
    February 6, 2006

    by Celia Crane

    LaserMax Equipped J-Frame Revolver
    Rochester, NY (February 6, 2006) – After two years of compiling feedback from Focus Groups and user surveys, LaserMax, Inc. has announced the unveiling of their totally new laser sighting system for J-frame revolvers. Prototypes of this new product will be on display February 9-12, 2006 at the S.H.O.T. Show (Shooting Hunting Outdoor Trade Show & Conference) in Las Vegas, Nevada.

    Popular for concealed carry because of its diminutive size, the J-frame revolver was an obvious platform for the world’s most high-tech miniaturized laser. With two distinct prototypes still being considered, LaserMax declined to speak about the exact specifications for the final product, but it is clear that the new revolver sight will be quite a departure from LaserMax’s mainstay line of laser systems, which all reside in the guide rod of semi-auto pistols. “We will be offering our customers a rugged and innovative product at a significantly better price than what is currently available,” stated Cyndi Baker, LaserMax’s newly appointed Director of Sales & Marketing.

    Tentatively scheduled for release by the end of the year, the new revolver sight will feature LaserMax’s distinctive pulsating beam, which is far easier to pick up than a continuous wave beam. The LaserMax sight will allow for faster target acquisition and accurate shot placement in low light, the environment in which most shootings occur. Installation will be a simple process that can be performed by the end user in minutes with no special tools.

    Although the LaserMax revolver sight has been developed primarily in response to requests from the company’s growing consumer market, the J-frame revolver is believed to be the most common police backup weapon in the U.S., and the sight is expected to quickly become a popular accessory for law enforcement as well as civilian use.

    LaserMax, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of laser gun sights for law enforcement and the shooting sports community. The company was founded 16 years ago in Rochester, New York. In addition to providing high quality, precision laser systems to the Law enforcement, military, and self-defense communities, LaserMax is also world renowned for its industrial and scientific laser solutions, which serve the semiconductor, biomedical, aerospace, and telecommunications industries. All LaserMax products are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. For more information, contact Celia Crane at 1-800-LASER-03, ext. 307.
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    No idea QK but if it is as good as they are making out - it could well give CT some pause for thought.

    That said I am well content with my CT grips on snubs.
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    Sounds like it might be a good competitor for CT.

    Im eager to see one in action.
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    I see Crimson Trace as being very entrenched when you consider that you can buy a 642 and it comes out of the S&W box with CT grips in place. I don't think CT is too nervous when they glance in the rearview mirror.

    On the other hand, choice is good, so the competition should be welcomed by the consumer.

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    When I buy another house gun I will get some Crimsons for the 637. Any comments on how good or bad they are.
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    CT products are absolutely first rate. Ive had them on a J frame, SP101 and 1911......Ive also had a LaserMax...both are good products.

    I prefer the activation method on the CT better for me. I like the grip button instead of the switch on the LM.

    A J frame or snub of any kind is in a completely different league with the CT......We dont need no stinking sight radius!

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    My 340PD came with CT grips. After many trips to the range, I decided to take them off. I can put 5 shots on target a LOT faster the old fashion way than I can looking for the red dot before firing. The laser is way overrated IMHO.

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    I've had both & MUCH prefer the CT laser spot to the blinking LaserMax spot. See them in action before you pay money. I've had 6 CT's on various guns & loved them all. Still have BHP and S&W-442.

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    I have CT's on my 220 ST and love them....
    Not to hijack, but I have an extra NIB set for sale in the classifieds...
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    I'd really like to see the finalized design. As was already said, choice is good and between CT and LazerMax, that's the two best choices in the industry. One of these days my 642 just might get an upgrade - just too many other priorities in front of it though.

    Thanks for the thread Qk, it's the first I've heard of this.

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