Just thought I'd share a little tip I figured out today to quiet the squeak on my MTAC. I was getting a somewhat noisy squeak/rubbing noise from the leather rubbing on the kydex. I figured out that most of it came from where the kydex shell slides into the slit in the leather backer. The inside surface of the kydex (what your gun touches) is almost shiny smooth. I think that polished surface was rubbing on the leather inside that slot (see yellow area below).

To fix it, I removed the kydex shell from the leather (just those 4 hex bolts) and then lightly sanded that smooth polish off of the back of that kydex mounting tab, in-between the 2 nuts and along all of the edges of the tab. I just roughed it up a bit with 100-grit paper. Worked like a charm. Noise gone, for now.

While I was at it, I decided to fix a problem I was having with retention. The kydex shell that came for my P2000SK had too much initial resistance on the draw. I couldn't adjust the retention bolts outward enough to solve it. The little retention dimple in the kydex (in blue below) where it catches on the trigger guard was a touch too deep. So I took a blow torch and gently heated the area and gently pressed out the dimple a little bit. Worked wonders. Before I was pulling my pants up along with my gun on a draw, not any more. Nice and smooth with a perfect amount of rendition.

YMMV, just thought I'd share.

Modified Comp-Tac Minotaur MTAC, no more squeaking, easier draw-mtac.jpg