First a little background... I'm a fan of the Remora holsters. What I really like about them is that you can adjust them to any angle and anywhere on the waist band. I have a sweat shield for the G27 and thought I would give the G23 version a go. For the money, they are a darn good holster, and Alan is great to work with.

So that being said, the natural question is how did I get to the Black Mamba. The sweat shield version for the G23 fits other pistols as well. More so than the G27 version, there is a lot of surface area to the shield portion (obviously as the G23 is a larger gun, but read on), and I am seeing folding on the G27 version. The G23 version is not cropped close to the handle outline of the handle, so I can see that there will be more folding around the handle than the G27. Plus, being in TX, I could just see that having that much surface area was going to generate a fair amount of heat in the summer. I do have a regular version for the G23, but I wanted something to keep it off of my side just a little more during summer. At that point, I decided to give the leather/kydex holsters a look.

After looking at many, many options, I zeroed in on the Black Mamba. It was like it was calling me and saying it was the one I was seeking. I decided to give it a go and went with the CE horsehide version. It was my first foray into the leader/kydex world, and it's not bad.

Initial impressions after carrying with it for a bit are really good. The only bad thing was that when I got it, it sounded like I was riding a horse literally when I walked. To me, it was very obvious, but the wife and son never noticed. It was probably me being a little sensitive. Still, I prefer quite, so I contacted Jason to get his input on break-in and when the noise would lessen. Jason told me to put some leather lotion on it to help speed the break-in. After I did that, it was a quiet as a church mouse.

Here's my unexpected benefit. I ordered the G23 version as that was the intended target. However, I thought I would just see how the G27 looked in it. It fit like a charm. So, I ended up with a holster that works for either. Excellent! The other unexpected feature was how compact it was. I saw a Crossbread ST when I was doing my CHL class, and I remember thinking how big it looked which is one reason why I stayed away from the leather/kydex holsters. The Black Mamba, though, was pretty compact. Not as compact as the Remora's, but I was pleasantly surprised.

If you have been looking around for a leather/kydex holster, give a look see to the Black Mamba's. For me, it is a keeper that gives me a different option than my array of Remora's.