surfing EBay for somethings and this came accross the board and I know some of the motorcycle riders were looking for a way to carry on the M/C. even if you don't ride but like the look check them out. I posted the sizes because you don't see sizes go up this high often

This Leather Concealed Carry Vest is the best concealed carry vest we have been able to find. It is made to conceal your hand gun and look good while the vest does it’s job. This vest offers supreme comfort while holstering your firearm in two inside pockets. Inside, the vest is lined with nylon and has a multi-layered 600-denier nylon pocket structure to ensure gun safety and maintainability. Vest also includes two front pockets for the casual look. The vest can be opened and closed with long lasting metal button snaps. The two (2) Holster compartments also have metal button snaps and offers two ( 2) elastic straps in each compartment, One strap to contain the weapon and one for clips or a small pocket pistol. The vest is perfect for ambidextrous people and is very comfortable while riding your motorcycle or sitting in a car for long periods of time.
Ladies Men
Size Sizes Chest Width Vest Length

8 - 10 S 36" 22"

10 - 12 M 40" 22.5"

12- 14 L 44" 23"

14- 16 XL 48" 23.5"

16- 18 2XL 52" 24

18 - 20 3XL 56" 25
20 - 22 4XL 60" 25.5

CCW Leather Concealed Carry Gun Vest Pistol Inside Pocket Holster Size Large | eBay