Glock 23 CC holsters....

Glock 23 CC holsters....

This is a discussion on Glock 23 CC holsters.... within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; New to the forum and to concealed carry. In fact I haven't even received my license yet. Completed the class about a month ago and ...

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Thread: Glock 23 CC holsters....

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    Glock 23 CC holsters....

    New to the forum and to concealed carry. In fact I haven't even received my license yet. Completed the class about a month ago and am just waiting on the license. That leads me to my question. If you guys could please give me a brief overview of what you like or don't like about certain holsters. I will carry a Glock 23. Shoot right handed (although I am working on shooting with either). I'm 5'9 170.

    So maybe you fellas could tell me your opinions about certains types of holsters and what you like or don't like. Leather or Kydex? Inside the pants or outside? Certain locations on your body where you prefer to carry? Also give me your personal holster that you prefer to use. Thanks.

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    Welcome to the forum. Put one of these on a Wilderness Instructor belt, and you will never need another holster.
    The Brommeland Max-Con V, (arguably) The Best IWB Holster On The Planet - YouTube

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    Welcome to the forum! My gosh! You are my neighbor! Fayetteville here. Things could be simple from here on with the holster ordeal. I have a plenty holsters, leather and kydex. Carry a G27 summer, but I can do the G23 anytime. If you can shoot in your back yard.......we're already friends! LOL!
    Since we are CC only in Arkansas, most of mine are IWB holsters. I do the OWB holsters in winter months.
    Say.....your English is pretty good being from Springdale. I'd personally like to get to know you and help you out first hand with some of your decisions here. If I trust you, you can test any of my holsters. If you have a boat and like fishing we can definitely work something out! Congrats on your application for permit....might be a few more weeks if you applied a month ago. send me a PM or something.....I'll put in a friend request as soon as I hit reply.

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    No one can answer your question because you are different that everyone else. IWB like crossbreed seem to have a following and then there are some mfg.’s that advertise and support this site has some fine holsters. most of us go through a few until we find one that works... for me it’s a belly band because it allows me to wear shorts without pulling them down with the weight of a gun ,knife ,pepper spray and a mag and coming a light

    edit: here is one


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    Welcome! I am originally from Fayetteville! Nice to see another Razorback joining the CC family!

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    +1 on the Wilderness belt.

    As a first CC holster I chose a Comp-Tac Spartan b/c it adjustable for ride height and cant, is tuckable, and the Kydex body is replaceable for carrying different guns. The belt clips are not noticeable on my belt and velcro clips are also an option. I think the adjustments for height and cant are important (especially) for a first holster so you can try different carry positions - as you move it to different positions on your belt the cant will be important for comfortably drawing your gun.

    Welcome to the club.

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    Welcome! I carry my Gen4 G23 in a Galco King Tuk holster. Love the thing. I'm 5'8" 200lbs. Sometimes I forget I'm wearing it.

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    Gen4 G23

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    As has been said only you can make the final decision on your needs.

    Most of us have a holster box that has filled up over the years with trial and error.

    My EDC is a Glock 23 in a High Noon Public Secret holster worn AIWB.

    It's the best I have found for my needs.

    photo.jpgImage 4.jpgImage 3.jpg
    click image to enlarge....

    You may find the below link of help.

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    I also have a holster drawer. I have a crossbreed super tuck and a remora for my G23. I like both but use the remora the most. Nice thing about the remora is price and the fact that it won't drag your pants or shorts down which is why I use only remora holsters for my G23 and LC9 for summer carry.
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    I have a Black Mamba from Concealment Solutions that fits my G23 and G27. I also have Remoras but prefer the Black Mamba for the G23.

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    Check out Pure Kustom's Black Ops Pro, you can wear it IWB/OWB in about 23 different configurations. I love mine.
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    Welcome Aboard FB488! I love these holsters for my G23. I'm 5'9" and 180'ish so we're pretty similar in build. The MTAC is my favorite IWB.
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    Old faithful holster kits. Affordable and quality at the same time.

    I lived in Siloam Springs for several years. Welcome

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ram Rod View Post
    Say.....your English is pretty good being from Springdale.
    Wow... the truth spoken aloud!

    Good one RamRod.

    To the OP, just FYI I carry a G19 in a Galco KingTuk @ 4o'clock.

    I wanted a Crossbreed SuperTuck, but the wait was more than I could handle.

    I am, however, very pleased with the Galco.
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    Farmington here... I would suggest a good gun belt, and a Crossbreed SuperTuck... Ive never had a problem with mine

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