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Carrying a 1911 without a belt?

This is a discussion on Carrying a 1911 without a belt? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; No. ... "Dress around the gun" has limits for me too.. but I've had some very heavy rigs ride just fine on the right belt....

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Thread: Carrying a 1911 without a belt?

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    "Dress around the gun" has limits for me too.. but I've had some very heavy rigs ride just fine on the right belt.
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    Normal walking around and NO running or activity....Outside on the range sometimes if wearing good pair bluejeans that's a little tight, I just jam it in behind my wallet in the right hip pocket. Full-sized 1911A-1 rides there just fine walking around and such, but actually you can draw very quickly from this position. A short barrel will fall out on the ground.... Cover it with a loose untucked shirt. If you are wearing a belt and don't want to mess with a holster....try the OSS (predecessor to the CIA) holster....Just grab an old shoe string and tie it together to form a big loop. Reach down between the belt and your jeans/pants and pull half of it up to you so that you have two loops and put the gun through them and into your pants. It will have enough slack to allow the gun to go down just the right amount and stay there, even while running. When you draw fast, make sure to come back and out with it so the sight doesn't get snagged (high rise front ones are prone to this-rear is no problems). Purpose was foreign country if caught with a gun could be killed, a person could ditch the firearm quickly and hopefully the shoestring...if not...well, it was just a shoestring....or was it? A shoulder holster works well too with a loose floppy shirt to cover it.

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    +1 on the shoulder rig.
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    Galco Triton IWB would work but it still would lack some stability. I have used one but always with a good belt.
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    Suspender holster!
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    As mentioned bellyband, smartcarry or shoulder. Only way that would be safe IMHO. I strongly dislike going belt-less even on the times I can't carry I still use my Wilderness belt. I put off getting a nice "gun belt" for longer then I should, and have since never looked back. I love mine.

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    As others have mentioned everything, Smartcary, Belly band, Remora, shoulder rig, certain paddles. I used the string in foreign countries.
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