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This is a discussion on IWB or OWB? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; i carry iwb because i live in california and even leting a little of my gun show could be brandishing if i got a up ...

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Thread: IWB or OWB?

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    i carry iwb because i live in california and even leting a little of my gun show could be brandishing if i got a up tight leo on the call so its really no choice for me

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    I use both about 50-50.

    Depends what I'm wearing. Summer generally IWB and Winter OWB.

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    Prefer IWB

    I have 3 differant VM2H's from www.miltsparks.com, and after going through about a half dozen other IWBs from various manufacturers, I can state: these are the best I've seen. They actually are very stable and comfortable.
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    FWIW I read on another forum, in a recent survey, the members voted their preference......IWB..51 pct. to OWB..27 pct. Sounds about right to me.
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    I too prefer IWB...it just seems more comfortable to me. But what many have said is correct--try to see which feels best for you.

    Good luck with whichever you choose, and stay safe!

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    OWB is a matter of comfort, as IWB has always pinched regardless of the specific holster or gun. Of course, I'd much prefer the concealability of IWB any day of the week.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sojourner View Post
    For all those that choose IWB for concealment to not show the gun below the beltline, how do you carry your spare mag? If the mag pouch is OWB, then you still are losing some concealability due to the bottom of the mag pouch sticking out. For me, my cover garment is long enough to cover the mag pouch when my arms are extended. More than enough for the IWB gun, but barely enough for the mag pouch.
    I carry my mags in Gary's Def-Con mag pouch. The bottom of the pouch rides "maybe" an inch below the belt's edge so concealment is never an issue - I don't even think about the mags when I consider concealment issues. I also like the forward cant Gary uses as it's more of a natural drawing motion when changing mags.

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    Another vote for IWB. I perfer the concealment.
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    OWB/comfort issue.
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    OWB, it's just the most comfortable to me and I carry a SIG226 under a tshirt most of the time.
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    I am 6ft tall and have a 30in inseam (all body stumpy legs) so IWB or pocket carry is all I can get away with The Sparks SS2 or the Heritage are the best I have found and for pocket the Mika pocket holster is the a great value and really works1

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    Thoughts on IWB vs. OWB

    I believe that IWB concealment has two big advantages. The first is that most of the holster and maybe half of the gun are covered by the pants, so that the exposed portion of the gun and holster are above the belt. This helps prevent "peeking" if the cover garment rides up for any reason, and enhances overall concealment from prying eyes.

    The second big advantage of IWB is less obvious but equally important. It is the fact that the belt goes over the gun/holster combination, and not under them. By going over the gun and holster, the belt exerts a strong inward force to press them into the body, thereby minimizing the "bump" that sticks out and preventing any movement or shifting of the gun and holster. When the belt and holster hang on the outside of the belt, as in most OWB holsters, you have a cantilever effect and the weight of the gun and holster can cause it to sag outwards and downwards, creating a larger "bump" under the cover garment.

    Of course there are disadvantages of IWB as well, and they concern comfort and the requirement to buy a larger size of pants to accomodate the extra thickness of the gun and holster inside the waistband - one probably needs an extra one to two inches in waist size of the pants.

    If one wishes to carry OWB for reasons of comfort and not having to buy larger pants, you have to try to minimize the disadvantages mentioned above. I think the best ways to do this are:

    1. Wear a cover garment that is adequately long, full cut and dark or patterned to conceal the OWB holster that goes below the belt line.

    2. Pick an OWB holster with belt loops that flank the gun on either side and made of a stiff material (kydex, horsehide, etc.) to minimize sagging and pull the gun/holster as tight as possible into your side. This solution also requires a very good, stiff gunbelt to go with the holster.

    3. Pick one of the several OWB holsters that allow the belt to go over the gun, providing the same inward force on the gun as an IWB holster. This requires the belt to be let out a notch, but does not require a larger pants size. One is shown below, a Haugen V slide:

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