Kydex IWB?

Kydex IWB?

This is a discussion on Kydex IWB? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Anyone have any experience carrying in a kydex IWB? I have an OWB kydex holster for my 1911, and I like it. I've been wanting ...

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Thread: Kydex IWB?

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    Kydex IWB?

    Anyone have any experience carrying in a kydex IWB? I have an OWB kydex holster for my 1911, and I like it. I've been wanting to get an IWB holster, and I am wondering how comfortable kydex is when carried inside the waistband. I've been thinking about the one made by bladetech. Any thoughts?

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    I think the Bladetech is a fine choice. Go for it!

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    I use a CTAC made by comp-tac and it works great but at times is a bit uncomfortable. I just ordered a leather Max Con V from Gary B. We will see how that works. Really no complaints about the kydex though.
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    I honestly haven't tried one but I don't think it could compare to a nice well made leather holster like the VM II. But... they are less expensive and more available. The "BladeTech" looks like a well built rig!
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    I carried my SIG P239 in a Comp-Tac Pro Undercover for four months and though the holster is very nice the comfort level compared to my KD Cochise Defender is not in the same ball park. The kydex does not mold to the body like leather. The kydex was hotter than the leather because it does not breathe like the leather does.
    The Pro Undercover has only on belt clip that is about twice as wide as the ones on the C-T.A.C. and as a result the holster moved a good bit. The C-T.A.C. uses clips front and back and should have better stability, but it is still kydex and as such has no give.

    Personal opinion: I would personally use kydex OWB holsters, but I would not use a kydex IWB holster again except in emergency. The comfort just isn't there.

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    I have several C-TAC holsters. I find them fairly comfortable especially for a kydex holster.
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    Blade tech is as good as they get. Ive had many over the years...but for IWB carry, leather is what I prefer also. A pc of steel inside a pc of plastic....neither move, bend or are forgiving to my body. Just me...plenty of people love kydex IWB' you never know.
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    LOVE my Sidearmor IWB kydex

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    Fist, Inc...

    makes nice IWB holsters. They are fine for smaller weapons, but keep in mind that Kydex does not bend like leather and wearing a Kydex holster in the 'wrong' spot can be uncomfortable.

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    I like the fit and comfort of my custom kydex IWB rigs.
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    I have a Blade-Tech kydex IWB holster for my issues...was thinking of the CTAC holster--just as something different

    However, I've grown used to the open top (no retention strap) when I CC...the only part I do not like is when open carrying in restaurants (as required by VA ABC law) which case I am very cognizant (not paranoid) of where I am and who is around me (usually my wife on my strong side)

    My 2 cents

    Mike in VA

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