I picked up a Hidden Hybrid Holster a few weeks ago and was waiting to give a review until I had work it for a few weeks.

I ordered the holster for my G26. The holster seems to compare very favorably in quality to the other crossbreed type holsters on the market. great fit and finish, and the HHH has belt loop holes allowing the holster to be worn as an outside the waistband holster... I am very happy with it, though i have no first hand experience with the other makers of this style. I paid $65 shipped for the holster and it was delivered in the 3 week window I was promised. I would definitely recomend the holster.

My question is in regard to the belt clips on the holster... it came with a pretty standard steel clip and is supposed to fit up to a 1-3/4" belt. I have and wear a 5-11 belt that is 1-3/4" and the clips are just a bit to short to really get a good bight on the bottom of the belt... it seems that the top of my pants add just to much thickness for the bump at the bottom of the clip to bite over and really stay in place... does anyone know of a good source for clips that i would be able to replace these clips with... I would love to find something that will hook under the belt, or at the very least actually fit all the way over my current belt.